1: 1 against 1860 – Saarbrücken is still waiting for the first double victory – football

It remains!

1. FC Saarbrücken cannot win two games in a row, separating 1: 1 from 1860 Munich in front of 12347 spectators.

FCS coach Uwe Koschinat (50) made a change compared to the 3-2 in Halle. For Dennis Erdmann (30), Lukas Boeder (24) moved into central defense alongside FCS captain Manuel Zeitz (31).

And Saarbrücken gets going like the fire brigade: After corner from Jänicke Zeitz heads powerfully on goal, Hiller parries spectacularly (3rd). On the other hand, Batz has to save against Dressel’s volleyball hit (9th). It is the phase in which the lions come into play better, Saarbrücken lurks on the counterattack, but has to work very concentrated at the back.

After 22 minutes, Batz had to save again against Mölders’ shot, who presented the FCS keeper with few problems. Excitement in the 35th minute, Lang holds the broken Grimaldi on the jersey, but the penalty whistle from referee Patrick Kessel does not materialize – there are referees who whistle …

Adriano Grimaldi took the penalty to make it 1-1Photo: Andreas Schlichter

Then Jacob fails freely with a lift at Hiller (39th) – that could have been 1-0. After Grimaldi loses the ball, the Löwen-Express rolls over the right side, Biankadi’s flank closes Bär directly, but too central, Batz has his fists on (51.). Then Gouras takes heart from the edge of the penalty area, but his great flick hits the right post (56th). Bitter, because then the doorbell rings on the other side in return.

Deichmann’s flank puts Mölders off with his chest, Biankadi slams in humorlessly to make it 1-0 for 1860 (57th). Koschinat reacts immediately, brings Robin Scheu and Julian Günther-Schmidt for Tobias Jänicke and Alexander Groiß. Because Saarbrücken is now open at the back and catches a counterattack again and again. Bear shoots free in front of Batz to the right (62nd).

Nevertheless: Saarbrücken draws hope, after a counterattack over Gouras, Grimaldi is blocked at the last moment (65th). The FCS also had bad luck afterwards, Scheus Heber over goalkeeper Hiller this time to the left post (77th). Ernst’s Knaller from eight meters claws Hiller again (79th). Then there’s the due penalty for FCS: Salger clings to Grimaldi, Günther-Schmidt pushes in at the bottom left to make it 1: 1 (80th). Long earned!

Saarbrücken throws everything forward, still wants victory – and is closer to 2: 1, but Hiller parries great against the free Günther-Schmidt (85th).

In the end it stays 1: 1 – the FCS is still waiting for two victories in a row, but is still in the middle of the promotion race …

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