Zoff at “Love Island”: The sweet Lisa sticks out her claws – TV

The sweet Lisa can also be different …

Nobody would have thought that you would burst your collar on “Love Island”. At the start of the dome show, the Bremen woman had lost her heart to the shy Dominik (25), but was repeatedly rejected by him. At the mating ceremony it was now a showdown, because Lisa finally spoke Tacheles.

In the past few days, the two had come closer to each other. Fitness model Andrina (28) did not miss this either. “I see there is something between you.” But Lisa no longer wanted to make it so easy for her crush. “He has to come up to me. I will not seek the conversation. “

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It was just stupid: “Granate” Kendra (21) also had an eye on the business administration student. She revealed the obvious to him and whispered: “I want you to know that I am interested in you.” Her sympathy found fertile ground with Dominik, who returned flattered: “You have such a pleasant voice. If you talk, I could sink directly into it. “

Kendra openly lets Dominik understand that she thinks he is greatPhoto: RTLZWEI

In one match, she chose him as her favorite. Lisa looked into the tube. She threw off the advances of fitness trainer Dennis (22). For the romantic there was only one. Lisa was all the more hoping for the next mating ceremony. Because there the men had to choose their Icelandic girl.

Moderator Sylvie Meis (23) wanted to know exactly from Dominik. “Is there a woman who has the chance that your nuclear power plant will explode?” But instead of finally giving Lisa a chance, he chose Kendra. His reasoning: “I choose the woman with whom I dared to approach her. I appreciate your relaxed and easy manner. “

Lisa’s disappointment was written on her face. That Dennis finally made her a couple made the blonde even more unhappy. During the discussion with Dominik, she vented her anger and railed: “What I don’t understand: you have known me for a long time. Then someone comes in that you have known for two days … What does she have that I don’t have? “

Dominik is in great demand in the villa

Dominik is in great demand in the villaPhoto: RTLZWEI

Lisa, once in a rage, continues: “You never really told me why it was! That would take a load off my shoulders. ”Words that Dominik felt guilty about, but didn’t have a suitable answer. Almost helplessly he replied: “Then maybe I’m the asshole here.”

Lisa didn’t want to leave this statement standing. After all, he only listens to his feelings. Then she escaped: “You asshole!” But she quickly felt sorry for the saying. In the end, Dominik also tried to smooth things over and said diplomatically: “You know how much I value you.” Lisa sadly: “Yes, as a friend …”

And it will probably stay that way …