Zentner & Kohr – that’s why Mainz has the best defense in the league – Bundesliga

Not everything works out in the front. But Mainz is a power behind.

Only three goals conceded in six games: The zero five have the best defense in the Bundesliga. Goalkeeper Robin Zentner (26) and clearer Dominik Kohr (27) explain why.

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Quintals: “We defend as a team, the focus is not just on the defense line. There is also work at the forefront. That helps stabilize our defensive. “

Dominik Kohr came from Eintracht Frankfurt in January. In the summer, the lending business was extended until next summerPhoto: picture alliance / Jens Niering

Kohr: “Everyone really gets involved in their work against the ball. As a team we show the absolute will to defend the goal with all means. “

Willpower, team spirit, cooperation. Union comes on Sunday. What is missing for the next triumph after two games without a win?

Concentration says hundredweight! The goalkeeper: “We always have to be there for 90 minutes plus injury time. Otherwise you will be quickly punished in the Bundesliga. “

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