YouTube will automatically scan videos with Highlights

YouTubeis working on a feature where viewers won’t have to browse long content. Thanks to the innovation offered by the company, important parts of the videos will be shown in the timeline. “Important MomentsWith this feature called “, you will be able to skip to only the important parts of each video.

The Highlights feature aims to automatically identify highlights of videos based on data such as viewing rate and engagement. Once it identifies these moments, it will place dots on the timeline to indicate which part of the video they occur in.

The Highlights feature is in the first phase in smart TV app And on the website has started to be offered. When watching a video with this feature, you will see a table of thumbnails for each important moment. You can tap these thumbnails to instantly switch between highlights.

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YouTube said its goal with Highlights is to make it easier for viewers to reach the most interesting parts of the videos. The reason why it is offered on smart TV is because it is difficult to navigate the video. Scanning certain parts of the video with the remote control can be tiring.

YouTube already has a feature called “Chapters” in videos. This allows video owners to manually segment their content and better manage the video. Important Moments plans to do this automatically.

YouTube said that this feature can be accessed on both the TV and desktop version. It is unclear when it will come to mobile platforms.

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