YouTube continues to gain strength against TikTok!

Famous social media platforms and video streaming sites continue to acquire new features from each other. As you may recall, the first Snapchat The disappearing shares that entered our lives with Instagram came to life as Stories on Instagram. This feature, which was later integrated into the platform by YouTube, was finally brought to rival the TikTok front. shorts had followed.

CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki In his annual letter he published, he shared the figures about Shorts. Wojcicki, 1 in total for users who shoot and share Shorts videosover $100 million He also underlined that they have set aside a fund.

YouTube enters the world of NFT!

YouTube has started to work to be included in the NFT wind, which has taken the whole world under its influence. The CEO of the company made the announcement.

YouTube Shorts has more than 5 trillion views in total

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki In his annual letter published last Tuesday, he explained how the company spent 2021. Wojcicki, since YouTube Shorts launched in late 2020 more than 5 trillion He stated that he was being watched.

youtube shorts fund turkey

In his extensive letter, which touched on issues such as editing and content moderation, Wojcicki said he made a total payment of $100 million for the YouTube Shorts Fund, and 40% of this fund He stated that it was made for content creators who have very few followers. YouTube CEO, in the new period, this type of new content providers both material and spiritual underlined the support.


Mentioning the innovations in content moderation in his statement, Wojicki said that YouTube’s for breaking content rules the videos he removed He explained that they will share how often he watches and how the videos get to the removal stage. According to YouTube CEO, currently uploaded to YouTube 5 out of every 1000 videos Content is being taken down by the moderating team for violating community guidelines.

So what do you guys think about YouTube Shorts? Do you think Shorts is strong enough to replace TikTok in the new era? Please do not forget to share your views with us in the comments section.

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