YouTube comes with a new Material You based design!

YouTube, which has been criticized for advertising moves in the past weeks, came to the fore this time with a design update. Google inspired the Material You design language for YouTube design.

The company, which developed the Material You design language with the Android 13 version, started to switch to the same design language on all platforms. Coming with a major overhaul, YouTube renews both its desktop and mobile design.

YouTube is coming with a new design! Inspired by the Metarial You language

In the new design, the corners of the buttons will be rounded. The design, in which the Explore section has been moved to the left, will also have rounded corners on thumbnails.

More changes were made in the desktop design than in the mobile design. One of the most important changes made by the company was the choice of black dark theme instead of gray. The Android application design of the YouTube Music platform has the same design elements.

Mozilla Firefox has gone another year!

Mozilla Firefox has gone another year!

Mozilla Firefox, one of the older browsers, released its first version exactly 20 years ago. 20 years old as of today!

It is worth remembering that the new YouTube homepage design is still in the testing phase. It is stated that the new design elements are not finalized.

YouTube, which has appeared with its own design language for a long time compared to other Google platforms, will now continue on its way with Material You. The company, which has accelerated its work on its new design, is expected to announce the final result soon.

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