Your laptop’s battery life is running out fast!

As with every product, the batteries in our devices also have a lifespan. Depending on how you use the devices, the performance of their batteries also shortens over time. This is a known fact. But did you know that your laptop’s battery life is depleting much faster than you expected?

Why is battery life running out?

Many different factors determine how much the laptop’s battery life will decrease. For example, you know that constantly charging a device and unplugging it harms the health of the battery. In addition, the health of the batteries that are constantly charged is also adversely affected. Although this “charging” issue is an important criterion in laptop computers, it is not the only factor.

Factors that directly affect your battery performance are:

  • Applications running in the background
  • Using at high screen brightness all the time
  • Keeping it plugged in constantly
  • Not charging at all- Leaving the battery empty for a long time
  • Leaving external devices plugged in
  • Hibernate the device
  • Laptop getting too hot

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By paying attention to these factors, for example, you can extend the battery life of your laptop by closing unnecessary applications in the background. In addition, there are some applications that allow your laptop to charge up to a certain level while it is charging. Some manufacturers even allow you to access this setting from your computer’s control menu. If you are constantly using your laptop in the socket, this feature we mentioned will have a positive effect on battery health.

How much is lost?

The results shared by PC World editor Mark Hachman are quite interesting. The capacity of a laptop bought on October 13, 2021 looks exactly 58.4 Wh. This is even more than the designed capacity. The device has gone through 135 full charging and discharging cycles according to the data kept in Windows (there may be a margin of error in the data). At the end of a year and a month, the battery capacity drops by sixteen percent to 48.6 Wh.

table showing battery life result

The most striking detail in this table is that the battery health does not always deteriorate. The capacity, which was measured at 56,734 Wh on October 24, 2021, increased to 58,439 Wh after three weeks. This value indicates that as long as the battery is used properly, its health will not deteriorate. Looking at the general picture, there is a noticeable loss in battery health after 1 year of use.

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