XRP Whales Rock the Crypto Market: Millions of Tokens Went to Mysterious Wallets!

According to the latest on-chain data XRP Whales spend very active hours. Whales transferring tokens to unknown wallets as well as central exchanges also triggered speculation in the crypto market.

Simultaneous with the whale transactions, XRP price also witnessed a decline at the time of writing.

Large Amounts of XRP Transfers on Ripple: Mysterious Moves of Whales

According to data provided by Whale Alert, three significant whale movements attracted attention. The first whale transaction that attracted attention was the transfer of 90 million XRP from Ripple to an unknown wallet rJqiMb94hy…W8AzELa8nE. The transferred tokens were worth $55.24 million at the time of writing.

Additionally, another whale transaction that caught the attention of crypto enthusiasts transferred 85 million XRP from an unknown wallet, rJqiMb94hy…W8AzELa8nE, to another unknown wallet, rP4X2hTa7A…7XZ63sKxv3. The amount transferred was evaluated as 51.99 million dollars.

$25.5 Million Token Transfer to Bitstamp

Besides the transfer of the above-mentioned tokens to unknown wallets, a major whale transferring XRP to a central exchange has attracted attention in the markets. The unknown wallet named r4wf7enWPx…5XgwHh4Rzn transferred 25.50 million to Bitstamp, a cryptocurrency exchange.

Koinfinans.com As we reported, XRP price is trading at $0.6098, with a slight decrease of 1.46% in the last twenty-four hours. Additionally, the token witnessed a significant decline of 8.13% in the last seven days.

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