Xiaomi SU7 Experienced Its First Traffic Accident

Xiaomi’s electric car SU7 was involved in the first reported traffic accident. The car that collided with a Mercedes-Benz was severely damaged on its right side. Mercedes-Benz’s situation is not good either.

Electric car recently launched by Chinese technology giant Xiaomi SU7was involved in the first reported traffic accident. And with a Mercedes-Benz…

In the images shared on social media, both cars were seriously damaged. that it was damaged We testify. However, the damage to the Mercedes-Benz seems to be greater than that of the Xiaomi SU7.

Here is the accident involving Xiaomi SU7 and Mercedes-Benz

Big Lizi Qiqili, one of China’s most famous internet phenomena, announced the launch of Xiaomi SU-7. that it belongs to him told. Making statements on Weibo, the phenomenon said that no one was injured in the traffic accident he experienced. Big Lizi Qiqili was in the vehicle at the time of the accident. all emergency systems are workingHe said that he informed the medical teams and deployed the airbags as they should be.

Xiaomi SU7

According to information obtained, Big Lizi Qiqili’s Xiaomi SU7 was damaged after the accident. was taken to the authorized service and the repair process of the vehicle has begun.

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