Xbox Game Pass gets Lies of P and Payday 3

Xbox continues to expand its Game Pass library. The new games that will be released at the end of September and the beginning of October have finally been announced. While a total of five productions will be added to the library, of Payday 3 The fact that it was available on Game Pass upon its release made the players happy.

Xbox Game Pass gets 5 games at once

Microsoft has announced the games coming to Xbox Game Pass for the rest of September and early October. Subscribers will be able to experience five different games across console, PC and cloud over the next few weeks. Chief among these are Lies of P and Payday 3.

Developed by Neowiz Lies of P, from September 19 It will be added to Game Pass from now on. For those who don’t know, in Lies of P players take on the role of Pinocchio as he searches for answers in a world overrun by monsters.

Changed from top to bottom: The renewed Xbox Series X without a disk drive has appeared!

Changed from top to bottom: The renewed Xbox Series X without a disk drive has appeared!

Documents sent from Microsoft to the FTC containing the design and features of the renewed Xbox Series S/X consoles were leaked.

Party Animals, a chaotic party game, will be included in the service tomorrow. On September 21, the long-awaited Payday 3 will be available to subscribers. Later in September, the sci-fi puzzle game Cocoon will take its place in the library.

Here are the games that will be added to the library in the coming weeks:

  • Lies of P (Cloud, Console and PC) – September 19
  • Party Animals (Cloud and Console) – September 20
  • Payday 3 (Cloud, PC and Xbox Series X|S) – September 21
  • Cocoon (Console and PC) – September 29
  • Gotham Knights (Cloud, PC and Xbox Series X|S) – October 3

On the other hand, six games will leave Game Pass after September 30:

  • Beacon Pines (Cloud, Console and PC)
  • Despot’s Game (Cloud, Console and PC)
  • Last Call BBS (PC)
  • Moonscars (Cloud, Console and PC)
  • Outriders (Cloud, Console and PC)
  • Prodeus (Cloud, Console and PC)
  • Weird West (Cloud, Console and PC)

Also from 22 September Trial version of EA Sports FC 2024 will also be added to the library. League of Legends players will have a new hero that they can unlock with Briar.

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