Xbox Boss Complains About Leaking Plans

Important statements were made about Microsoft’s leaked plans. While the Xbox boss expressed that he was disturbed by what happened, the FTC claimed that the source of the leak was Microsoft itself…

Our careful readers have noticed that we have been frequently making news about the US-based technology giant Microsoft lately. This is because the company filed a lawsuit with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC). documents leaked. So with these leaks Xbox Series X/S renewals All features and prices have been revealed. Also the company next generation Some information about the consoles has also emerged. With all this, Microsoft plans to buy Some game studios were also exposed as of yesterday.

Now, there have been new developments regarding all this. xbox boss Phil Spencermade statements about what happened. The statement reveals that the company is not happy with what happened. Explaining that he did not want these to happen, Spencer said: that they learned a lesson and states that they will try to prevent such leaks from occurring. Let’s take a closer look at the statement made by Phil Spencer.

Phil Spencer’s post on X:

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