World Economic Forum Denies SHIB News!

World Economic Forum (WEF) officials made a statement regarding the Shiba Inu news, which received wide coverage in the crypto community last week. Authorities within the framework of the global metaverse policy SIHB announced that they did not send a study invitation to his team.

The WEF did not deny contact with SHIB developers, but officials stressed that this did not involve an invitation or partnership.

10 days before the announcement date, on November 22, Shytoshi Kusama, one of the important names of the SHIB team, shared a survey on his Twitter account. Shytoshi Kusama to the meme token community “Would you like us to work with WEF?” asked a question.

Of the 23.000 users who answered the question, 62.5% responded positively. Some of the SHIB community expressed concerns that this move could undermine the principle of decentralization.

After the survey, the shares that the World Economic Forum wanted to work with the Shiba team were echoed.

Who Is WEF Working With For The Metaverse?

The World Economic Forum announced that it started a research and development study for the virtual world last May. Giant organization for metaverse research Decentraland, Meta, polygon and Animoca Brands Collaborates with more than 100 companies. WEF also exchanges ideas with VR companies, banks and leading universities.

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