Works of the Artist Who Made Creepy Creatures in Movies

We expect creatures in movies and TV shows to be mostly visual effects. But if you’re watching a movie or TV show where makeup artist Barrie Gower worked, know that the creatures you see aren’t exactly visual effects. They are produced as a result of works that are almost as realistic as to come to life.

Stranger Things from Game of Thrones’ White Walkers vecnaThe frightening creatures of several important movies and TV series that have taken their place in popular culture until .

Producing prosthetic clothes that actors wear for hours, Gower created the makeup he applied on these clothes. almost works that do not need any visual effects it reveals.

Let’s start with a recent work. A behind-the-scenes shot of Vecna, the creepiest creature in Stranger Things history:

It just doesn’t have an actor in it to play it, that’s all.

Here are a few shots from the works where the actor tried on the outfit:

The make-up phase, which takes about 8 hours, is as follows:

…and the result. There are no visual effects in the images below!

Vecna ​​isn’t the only work the artist has done for Stranger Things. Even for the simple injuries of Jim Hopper, one of the main characters of the series, plastic make-up was applied from the actor’s chest to the bottom of his eyes:

Another of her work on Stranger Things was for the eyes of Victor Creel, a Vecna ​​survivor:

If you want to take a closer look at Vereena from The Witcher, watch it until the end:

Dentures that Vereena wears:

Completed without effect:

Here’s the result when you add a trace amount of effects:

Other models and creatures prepared for the Witcher:

The moments when Eskel, the creature in The Witcher, are dismembered are so realistic that it is impossible not to be disgusted:

Even a tiny cut wound made for the Netflix movie Last Night in Solo has Gower’s signature:

Oscar-winning actor Rami Malek played James Bond’s nemesis in 007’s last movie, No Time to Die. Here’s how Gower made the make-up that eliminates soft facial features:

The result is unbelievably realistic:

Scars showing the effects of toxin gas, again from the movie No Time to Die:

Here’s an exact replica of actress Erin Kellyman’s head from work done for another Netflix movie, The Green Knight:

Of course, the head creature of The Green Knight, who won an Emmy award, came from the artist’s hands:

Radiation-induced injuries in the Chernobyl series…

The aged version of Valery Legasov, hero of the Chernobyl disaster:

The death of our artist, Game of Thrones’ unforgettable character Mountain, was the product of another work that took weeks to prepare and hours to implement:

The Eyed Raven work from season 4 of Game of Thrones:

…and of course Akgezenler!


The artist who made all the works you see here on the right of Akgezen is Gower himself.

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