Withdrawing Cryptocurrency From Domestic Exchanges Will Be Banned

While regulations for cryptocurrencies are constantly being updated all over the world, some claims have emerged regarding a new regulation to be made in Turkey. According to the reports received by Bybir Turkey Manager, it will not be possible to withdraw cryptocurrencies from domestic cryptocurrency exchanges.

The sudden popularity of cryptocurrencies earlier this year stunned those in charge of government economics. Because until this rise, there was no political concern about these currencies. However, with cryptocurrencies becoming a trend, governments are racing to regulate digital assets. While the situation is so new, no country has yet reached sharp and permanent decisions.

While the regulations for cryptocurrencies are still being discussed in our country, another surprising claim was made on this subject. Doruk İşmen, Country Manager of the cryptocurrency exchange Bybit, made a statement on Twitter, one of the domestic exchanges. Cryptocurrency withdrawal is not possible. He said he had a feeling about it.

It may not be possible to withdraw crypto from the domestic exchange

The first major regulation on this issue in Turkey, where crypto currency regulations came one after another, was the ban on April 16, when the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey banned the use of cryptocurrencies in direct or indirect payments for goods and services. Later, cryptocurrency exchanges were also subject to the rules imposed on companies engaged in money laundering and terrorist financing. Bybit Turkey Manager Doruk İşmen A new one can be added to these limitations according to a feeling he has received.

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Doruk İşmen announced on his Twitter account that he had heard that it would not be possible to withdraw crypto money from domestic cryptocurrency exchanges in Turkey. Responding to İşmen, who stated that this is against the spirit of crypto, Socios.com Turkey Manager Altuğ Öztürk said, “Revolut etc. There is only buy-sell on the platforms, but there is no shooting. Banks see people’s ability to withdraw their money into their own wallets as a high risk. Nonsense, I don’t think it will happen used the phrases. Ahmet Usta, who said that he had similar sensations, expressed his disappointment with the following words: “Periods pass, mistakes are understood, but it is no longer a train that escapes, but a spacecraft, and it is not possible to enter the cave and be protected from the incoming meteor.”