With the Binance-USA Agreement, the Obstacle to the Bull May Be Removed: Bitcoin and BNB are on the Rise!

The US Department of Justice’s (DOJ) request for $4 billion to drop the charges and lawsuits against Binance may have removed all obstacles to the bull.

According to Bloomberg’s news that hit the market last night, DOJ, The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange to conclude ongoing investigations $4 billion from Binance He demanded more money.

The news that caused a moment of chaos yesterday evening at TSI, BNB (BNB) And Bitcoin (BTC) of the price resulted in its rise. Binance’s local cryptocurrency, which experienced a short-term decline after the news hit the market BNB And Bitcoin Then it started to rise rapidly.

BNB, $244 from levels from 9% with too much rise 266 dollarreached up to. This rise has an impact on BNB’s value in the market. $4 billion The fact that it caused an increase did not go unnoticed. Bitcoin made a similar move From $36,942 to $37,726 increased by .

There are no obstacles left for Taurus

Chinese cryptocurrency journalist Colin Wu‘s agency Wu Blockchain made on Twitter in sharing, reported analysts’ comments. Wu, analysts say DOJ Binance And CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) The criminal investigation against the cryptocurrency market one of the biggest challenges He said he pointed out that he was one of them.

Wu also noted that Binance and the cryptocurrency market have a future to enter a possible bull market. there are no obstacles left he stated.

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