Will Tesla build its new factory in Saudi Arabia?

Tesla has six different factories (Gigafactories) around the world. These are mainly located in China, the USA and Germany. New reports showed that Tesla could open its new factory in Saudi Arabia. However, the first statement regarding these claims came from Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Elon Musk: Tesla and Saudi Arabia claims are not true

Elon Musk in his post from X Denies claims that Tesla met with Saudi Arabia. He said that this report prepared by the Wall Street Journal was not true and said, “Another completely false article from the WSJ.”

These statements of Elon Musk, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan He came after his meeting with. Erdoğan made an open invitation to Elon Musk to establish his next factory and produce in Turkey. However, we should point out that no statement has been made on the subject.

Open invitation to Elon Musk: Produce in Turkey!

Open invitation to Elon Musk: Produce in Turkey!

Elon Musk was hosted at the Turkish House. In addition, he was given an open invitation by the President to produce in Turkey!

Saudi Arabia, Vision 2030 As part of its reforms, it is trying to shift its economy away from oil dependence and attract global producers. The Public Investment Fund, which operates under the Kingdom administration, is a Tesla rival Lucid Motors is also one of its investors.

In the news by WSJ, it was claimed that Saudi officials gave some incentives to attract Tesla. It was said that the metals and minerals required for electric car production can be provided through the Public Investment Fund. However, according to Musk’s statement, there are no negotiations with Saudi Arabia.

Tesla, which produced 1.3 million electric cars in 2022, wants to increase its production to 20 million vehicles by 2030. CEO Elon Musk plans to expand the company’s production worldwide by the end of 2023 will establish a new factory he also said.

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