Will JasmyCoin Become 1 Dollar? JASMY Alternative Green Bitcoin Exceeds $1 Million

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JasmyCoin rose sharply last week, rising nearly 110 percent to $0.016. Many analysts believe that JASMY will continue to rise and could approach $1 in the near term.

Analyst CryptoBusy stated that he had previously predicted that JASMY could experience a significant increase. According to the analyst’s post, the token encountered resistance in December, especially after entering the accumulation zone. CryptoBusy had identified significant upside potential at this point. Emphasizing this post again, the analyst states that the token rose to this extent after exceeding the resistance level.

As a Japan-based project and service token, JASMY looks set to benefit from more favorable regulations in its home country. Japan is moving closer to allowing venture capital firms to hold crypto assets. If approved, the bill could allow capitalists to finance Web3 startups in exchange for crypto assets.

According to the sponsored content, many investors want to take a suitable position for JASMY. Increasing investor interest in JasmyCoin underscores the need for careful monitoring and informed decision-making amid market fluctuations. Meanwhile, Green Bitcoin (GBTC), which exceeded $1 million with its pre-sale, opens the doors to a greener future. In this sponsored article, the details of the project are conveyed.

Green Bitcoin (GBTC) – Project Focusing on Bitcoin Price Predictions and Staking

Green Bitcoin (GBTC) stands out with environmentally focused innovations and is inspired by the pioneering Bitcoin (BTC). Built on the Ethereum blockchain (a network that consumes less energy than Bitcoin), the main goal of Green Bitcoin is to launch the GBTC token on decentralized exchanges (DEX) and gather an active community around the project.

This project, with its ERC-20 GBTC token, helps investors predict the price of the market’s crypto giant, Bitcoin, and earn potential returns from these predictions. The pre-sale of GBTC, the ecosystem’s native token, attracted great attention and generated over $1 million in revenue. Purchasing Green Bitcoin tokens allows you to enter a community with environmentally friendly goals.

Green Bitcoin reflects current trends in crypto markets. In this way, the platform aims to make accurate predictions about Bitcoin’s price development. Not only that: Users can also submit their predictions through a type of staking model. If their predictions are correct, they are rewarded with the new cryptocurrency GBTC.

The Project Offers an Environmentally Friendly Model

Green Bitcoin uses much less energy than Bitcoin (BTC). It offers a potential way to earn returns from Bitcoin without investing directly in Bitcoin. The incentive mechanism in Green Bitcoin is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make the blockchain more environmentally friendly.

As it is known, investing in Bitcoin is a very costly process. The alternative for investors to buy GBTC tokens and earn rewards by predicting the BTC price can be realized by purchasing Green Bitcoin tokens.

Price prediction will start only after listing. Still, interested investors can participate in the presale and purchase GBTC tokens now.

You can purchase Green Bitcoin tokens using ETH, USDT or a debit card. Once the pre-sale is complete you will be able to claim your tokens. This will happen either on the designated claim day or 7 days after that date if your tokens have been staked.

An Innovative Staking Mechanism

A distinguishing feature of Green Bitcoin is its staking model, which allows users to lock their GBTC tokens to earn attractive returns. Even more interesting, the project offers its participants the opportunity to win significant bonuses by offering mini games that predict the price of Bitcoin.

The project offers a sustainable approach to generating passive income through the unique “Gamified Green Staking” model. Rewards are distributed daily or monthly among participants creating a competitive and rewarding environment. The annual interest yield (APY) for users interested in these mini games is set at 262 percent at the time of writing.

Those who stake daily receive rewards proportional to the amount they stake, while those who stake monthly receive a 5 percent token bonus on their monthly earnings.

GBTC Tokenomics

Green Bitcoin has a total supply of 21 million tokens. 40 percent of the supply has been reserved for pre-sale. In addition to this allocation, distribution; It includes 27.50 percent for staking rewards, 17.50 percent for marketing, 10 percent for exchange liquidity, and 5 percent for community rewards. This allocation strategy is designed to support the long-term growth and value of the token.


Green Bitcoin’s overall approach strengthens its community by encouraging daily participation. It contributes to the development of environmentally friendly blockchains. More details about the prediction feature will be announced by the team soon.

Green Bitcoin is also one of the hottest new cryptocurrencies of the year, as the pre-sale was launched in mid-December. Despite this, the project generated over $1 million in pre-sales. This ERC-20 token allocates 40 percent of its 21 million token supply for presale.

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