Why Is There a Tiny Hole Inside Our Eye?

Our body is full of many interesting things that we don’t realize. For example, although it is tiny, there is a hole in our eye that has a great function! So what does it do?

Although we learn a lot about our bodies in science classes, some interesting details seem to be overlooked. For example, inside the lower eyelid, 1-2 millimeter small hole Many of us do not know the purpose of being there.

What is the tiny spot that is larger and more visible in some people, while it is almost invisible in others? What function does it serve? Let’s explain.

The place we call the “lacrimal apparatus” is our tear system.

The lacrimal apparatus, which is the medical name for our tear system, is found in both of our eyes. System; producing tears and letting them flow from glands, sacs and ducts is formed.

The openings on the edges of the upper and lower eyelids are known as tear points. Well close to the tear points, smaller than them the hole what is he doing?

His mission is bigger than himself.

spot on eye

The fluids produced, but not shed by tears, flow towards the nose through this tear point. Moreover a valve that helps expel tears It also serves the purpose. According to experts, every time we blink, a small amount of tears on the surface of the eye come out through these holes.

Since our eyes close like a zipper from our ears to our nose, as our eyes close, our tears, towards the side closest to our nose drifting. That’s why the spots are located closer to the nose.

Your throat and nose runny when you cry, thanks to this little friend.


The fluid, which is normally in very small amounts, increases when we cry and the connection point becomes more visible. As a result The type of crying we call “slobber” it’s coming out.

Finally, let’s give a little more information. These tiny holes are for people with dry eyes. Small plugs are placed so that Prevent the eye from leaking too much fluid and keep it moist.

Maybe you have a tiny hole that you never noticed. that it has such an important place Who knew!

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