Why is artificial intelligence Google search criticized?

Google has been trying to integrate artificial intelligence into its search engine for a while. Aiming to provide summary information artificial intelligence Google Search, began to become the focus of criticism because he gave wrong answers from time to time. For example, it suggested some users eat the sticky substances.

AI OverviewsThe tool, called ”, has been tested on Google Search since last week. This feature, which uses artificial intelligence to summarize search results, aims to save users time.

However, some users stated that the artificial intelligence gave strange and incorrect answers in certain search results. For example, he told users who wanted to sprinkle cheese on pizza that they could use “non-toxic glue.” In another example, he advised people to eat one kaya a day.

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The sources of the incorrect answers remain unclear. However, many people believe they have difficulty distinguishing misinformation on social media. Let’s note that these answers have become a laughing stock on social media. It also hurts the company’s AI search engine experience.

Google, on the other hand, argued that such examples are very rare. The technology giant underlined that it is very difficult to produce factually accurate summaries on a large scale.

After initial trials in the UK, Google offered this feature to users in the US in May. However, the reactions point out that Google may spread false information.

So what do you think about this issue? Do you think artificial intelligence will become a part of search? You can share your thoughts in the comments section.

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