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When we eat something sweet, our hands go directly to water. Have you ever wondered why?

The sweet taste it gives is the main ingredient of many dishes. But This sweetness often burns us.

This desire of sugar to enter water into our body There is a very important reason behind it!

The sugar found in desserts first penetrates into our stomach and then into our bloodstream.

Absorbed in the small intestine sugar that enters the bloodstream as glucosebegins to circulate through our body. This actually causes an imbalance in our body.

At this moment, cells take action to restore balance. By letting out the water they contain They enable water to mix with the blood. Cells that lose water send a signal to the brain that water is needed.

That’s why we feel thirsty about 5 minutes after consuming something sugary.

This feeling is totally To meet the body’s water needs It is a defense mechanism triggered in the brain. This mechanism is activated by a hormone secreted by the liver and absorbed into the blood after consuming sugar.

This hormone reaches the hypothalamus region of the brain and It triggers the feeling of thirst. Do not think that only sugary foods do this; very salty foods and excessive exercise also trigger the feeling of thirst, and the same body goes through the same stages.

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