Why Do Cops Touch the Cars They Stop?

In particular, there is a procedure that the US police often apply. Stopping a vehicle, a police officer touches the trunk of the vehicle before meeting with the driver. So why? US traffic safety expert Steve Montiero explained why the police did such a thing

If you have an interest in the police profession and watch videos about police on social media, especially seen in the USA You must have come across an interesting situation. When cops approach a vehicle they are stopping, they first touches the luggage compartment, then they talk to the driver. So why? Why do the cops do such a thing?

This issue, which many people are curious about, is an American traffic safety expert attending an event. Steve Montierowas directed to. The authorized person who explains the situation quite simply, there are several reasons stated. If you wish, without further ado, let’s take a look at why the police often do such a thing.

“One of many procedures”

Steve Montiero, what law enforcement officers have to implement in the course of their duties There are many proceduresstates that touching the back of the vehicle is one of them. The first reason law enforcement would do such a thing is that the trunk is really make sure it’s off Stating that this is crazy for many people, Montiero said that a stopped vehicle is a person who wants to attack the police. to the terrorist He says he can host. In this way, the police make sure that the trunk is closed and do their duty.


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There is another reason for this move. Steve Montiero, the moment the cops touched the trunk leaving fingerprintsstates that this is important both for him and the owner of the vehicle. If the vehicle tries to flee the scene after it is stopped, or if anything happens to the police officer, the fingerprints left between the vehicle and the officer in charge. there is a relationship It is understood that steps are taken accordingly. According to Montiero, this action by the police is a practice that is used to ensure everyone’s safety. just simple tactics someone

Here are some footage showing cops touching luggage

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