Why Do Bulls Get Angry at the Color Red?

There is something we have known since our childhood: Bulls get very angry with the color red. If we say that this information is not actually true, would it be throwing away your childhood?

A matador appears and holds to the bull with a red cloak He starts walking towards… Were you able to portray the scene?

This incident, which has even been the subject of cartoons, is actually a complete fallacy. Bulls are angry animals, we are accepting. But it’s not the color red that makes them angry!

Bulls are one of the most angry animals.

So what is the reason for this anger? Of course testosterone hormone. Testosterone hormone is very high in male mammals, so cows are much calmer than bulls. The main reason for bulls’ aggression is related to their hormones.

Of course, this is not the only reason, bulls; when they feel in danger They vent anger with the instinct of self-protection. We don’t even need to say how dangerous they can be in such a situation!

Let’s get to the point… Does the color red really make them angry?

red color bull

Answer: Of course not! It’s not the color red that makes bulls angry, the flying cape that matadors wave in their hands. In addition, bulls are color blind. So the incident has nothing to do with red.

“So why choose the red cloak?” If you ask, the answer is very simple. The name of this cloak is “muleta”. This is due to the fact that matadors preferred this color when the first bullfights were introduced to the world in Spain. Moreover Red is preferred because it has been confirmed that it creates excitement and affects people.

As we see, What makes bulls angry has nothing to do with the color red. Being brought on stage, thousands of people cheering and shouting, loud noises and the items the matador waves in his hands… If it were done to us, we would be angry too.

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