Why Did We Live 2016 One Second Longer?

It was the last minutes of 2016, and humanity was approaching the end of a year with an added second. This cursed year, which everyone was waiting for to end, stubbornly kept itself alive for one more second.

Perhaps this is a fact that many of us do not realize. additional second It was the impact it had on our Earth.

Yes, you heard right; We experienced 2016 1 second longer. So how did this happen?

As we move from 2016 to 2017, the clocks change from 23:59:59 to 23:59:59; It showed 23:59:60.

The world of science It says “leap second”. Yes, maybe no one felt this 1 second, but this meant that the Earth’s orbit was lagging behind by about a second. Scientists explain this situation with standard clocks that lag behind atomic clocks.

atomic clocksThey measure time by taking advantage of the change in energy levels of electrons, and the accuracy of these clocks is much better than normal clocks.

But Small changes in Earth’s rotation speedwhich can sometimes create a conflict between atomic clocks and standard clocks.

This discrepancy is very important in precise time measurements such as GPS.

Scientists, rotation speed of our planet They knew that it changes over time and that these changes can affect the measurement of time. For this very reason, “additional seconds” were added to time to compensate for the difference between Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), International Atomic Time (TAI), which regulates the international time standard, and UTC, which is based on the Earth’s rotation speed.

world times in 2016 set to UTC and another leap second had been added to midnight. While we all said “welcome” to the new year, we didn’t even realize that we were living the year for a second longer.

What caused such changes in the Earth’s rotation speed?

earth rotation speed

This situation, gravitational effects, atmospheric phenomena, and even movements within the Earth’s interior It is caused by various factors such as. This causes ‘leap seconds’.

So far, we haven’t experienced anything like this since 2016. But perhaps more in the coming years we need additional seconds It will happen.

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