Why Did the Gap Brand Decline? He Was Involved In Some Scandals…

Gap, which we used to see above everyone from seven to seventy, rose rapidly in the 70s and strengthened its place in the clothing industry. Later scandals involving his name slowly dragged the brand to the bottom.

It all started in 1969, when a couple named Doris and Don were searching for a pair of jeans on the colorful streets of San Francisco. This search includes not only their wardrobes, It will also shape the retail world It turned into a story.

Gap, created by the Fisher couple, began to represent much more than just a fashion brand over time. literally born from “emptiness” (Gap means “gap” in English.) and the story of GAP, a brand that rose over time and fell due to some scandals…

It all started with Don Fisher’s search for a pair of jeans that fit him.

Doris and Don Fisher

Founded in San Francisco by Doris and Don Fisher in 1969, the American brand grew from a modest hipster store. The indispensable brand of the 1990s transformed.

The Fisher family’s purpose in establishing Gap was to enable Don to find jeans that fit him. The couple opened their first store on Ocean Avenue more than $60,000 They raised money and chose the name “Gap” to refer to the generation gap.

Gap filled the gap for young people.

gap brand

At that time, young people were just beginning to turn to different styles. Taking advantage of this, Gap decided to play into the youth market. The first Gap store, Levi’s trousers But in the 1970s, the popularity of the brand exploded and it continued to increase its revenue and brand value until the end of the 80s.

gap brand

Clothes for teenagers were not only simple and cool, but also affordable. While other brands change trends as the season changes, Gap without breaking the line It continued with the same simplicity. The fact that famous models such as Naomi Campbell were the faces of advertisements increased the brand even further.

Emerging reports about Gap’s poor working conditions changed things.


The banner on the left: Since 2006, 600 workers have died in preventable factory fires.

Banner on the right: Gap: You can save lives by paying $10 more per t-shirt.

In 2006, reports surfaced about the poor working conditions of workers in Gap’s factories, as well as the animal wool/skin they used in their products, which mobilized animal rights advocates. Thus, Gap is a series of Target of worker rights protest and animal rights activists happened. It began to lose its cult status in the 2000s, which it maintained in the 1990s.

Precision Visual

For years, make nostalgic pieces Despite various revival attempts, it could never rise as before and continued to fall from grace. Faces used in advertisements, new generation young people He didn’t even know him.

The era of collapse has begun…

gap store

By 2019, the company lost $ 1 billion and there was a decrease of 43%. Despite all this, Gap especially in the US retail market It still continues to maintain its place. In 2020, he signed a 10-year collaboration with Kanye West for a new clothing line called “Yeezy Gap.”

kanye west

Since 2023, the company’s CEO has been Mattel’s executive, Richard Dickson. Although the company is gradually closing all its stores in the UK and Ireland his legacy will continue looks like.

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