Why Are Women More Interested in Astrology Than Men?

Nowadays, we often see astrology, which has become a mediator for relationships, even in profiles on dating applications. So, what could be the reason why women are generally interested in astrology?

In general, in addition to the fact that men are more analytical and women are more empathetic, social factors also play a role in the acceptance of astrology. At the same time, men He is quite disdainful of astrology.

Although there are astrologers who attribute the reason why men stay away from astrology to “toxic masculinity”, we prefer to talk with the research results. With all the factors and reasons We touched upon the results of the research conducted by the Pew Research Center.

Astrology’s marketing technique is actually a big factor:

The fact that astrology is generally seen as a field of women’s interests gives the impression that only women should be interested in zodiac signs. Special for women’s magazines horoscope comment corners and women in general buy zodiac themed jewelry Marketing tactics such as It causes men to stay away from zodiac signs.

For women with marketing tactics Astrology, which can have a place among women, is thus no longer a matter of curiosity for men.

Entrenched sexism marginalizes men interested in astrology:

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Just as women are interested in zodiac signs and feel included in this field, men are also interested in fields in which they dominate, such as football, cars and video games. They feel included in this field.

Differences in areas where both genders are present are such that when one side moves into the other area, border violation It causes it to appear as . For this reason, many men who do not want to enter the field dominated by women subconsciously believe in zodiac signs. “women’s work” He thinks that it is true and does not take astrology seriously.

Despite everything, there are of course men who believe in horoscopes.

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To some of you, “men who believe in zodiac signs” may even seem like a superstition, but despite all the marginalization, Of course, there are men who like to be interested in astrology. You must have come across men who are interested enough to write their sign and ascendant in their bio.

However, most men who believe in astrology He prefers to hide his beliefs. Of course, the number of women who believe in astrology is still higher, but this still shows that men who believe in astrology are not just a fairy tale.

The Pew Research Center gives the percentage of men and women interested in astrology as follows:

table of pew research center (translated into Turkish)

Research conducted in 2018; adult in the USA It revealed that 20 percent of men and 37 percent of women believe in astrology. In the surveys conducted under the belief that psychic belief, reincarnation, astrology and spiritual energy can be found in objects, the highest rates belonged to women again.

Women are much more likely than men to identify with a faith and participate in religious practices. Therefore, the belief in the differences that may occur in human morale due to the movement of the planets is much more common among women. To put it in numbers, seven out of ten women have at least one “New Age” belief.

However, of course, there is no requirement that one must be a man or a woman to be interested in astrology.

The fact that men interested in astrology are a minority should not be an obstacle or a shame for men who are curious about their zodiac sign. With all this data, Women who are not interested in astrology or deny its validity should not be underestimated.

We think that the ability to enjoy and discuss fundamentally genderless things like astrology should be possible, regardless of their popularity. But instead of astrology we always We recommend that you follow the science.


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