Why Are Dubai’s Famous Artificial Islands Sinking?

Dubai has created a unique phenomenon in the world with its artificial islands. However, recent satellite images reveal that some of these islands have been left submerged as sand dunes for more than a decade.

early 2000s Diversifying Dubai’s economy Artificial island projects initiated to promote tourism have attracted great attention worldwide. Projects such as Palm Jumeirah will double Dubai’s coastline, which is highly attractive due to its warm climate. seaside properties increased its value.

Projects such as Poemdera, Poemjebelali and The World contribute to Dubai’s tourism and increase investment potential was aiming. However, many of these ambitious projects did not advance beyond the planning stage.

Dubai’s artificial islands were built in the waters of the Persian Gulf using special techniques.

Some of the islands have been destroyed over time due to construction being stopped or not completed. to be under water started. Among the main reasons for the ongoing neglect in recent years environment and sustainability There is also increased focus on

“Heart of Europe” project

In other words, the methods used in the construction of the artificial island projects they planned, not environmentally friendly we can say. Developer Nakheel Properties and other companies have said they are struggling to present clear plans for the islands’ sustainable future.

Still, efforts are continuing to revitalize some of the islands. For example; Hotels that will imitate the Heart of Europe, European Island, a project full of villas and palaces.

Although Dubai has spent tens of billions of dollars on these islands, the majority remain undeveloped and uninhabited.

Palm Jumeriah Island, Dubai

As you see Palm Jumeirah It is the only fully developed island among them. Some projects, such as The World and Pomme Jebel Ali, are almost completely covered with sand Considering this, let’s admit that a strange situation arises.

dubai islands

So instead of Dubai developing them allowed them to be buried at sea We can deduce its meaning. So why? Some say this is why Dubai had to stop building the islands. 2008 financial crisis He says it is, which explains why he left the islands in their developmental stages.

However, although this was the reason why the construction was stopped in 2008, the islands have been inhabited for years. The only reason for neglect this can not be.

What does Dubai plan to do with these islands now that it can no longer dump more sand on them?

dubai sand islands

Will they just leave them until they finally sink into the sea, or will this a way to save projects Did they find it? The answer to the question varies slightly depending on which island project we are talking about.

Waterfront project

For example; to Nakheel Properties, the developer of all these islands. About the Dubai Waterfront project When asked if he had any future plans, he said that the project was changed in the long term.

In other words They don’t know what to do with these islands because considering that most of the sand dredging has not been completed, there is not much left to improve here.

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