While the Wind of Bitcoin Blows in Cryptocurrency Funds, Money is Flowing to an Altcoin!

While Bitcoin (BTC) continues to remain above the $60,000 level, last week saw an inflow of $1.8 billion into institutional cryptocurrency funds.

In the data shared by Coinshares on its official blog page, there was a net increase in corporate cryptocurrency funds last week. $1.84 billion It was stated that there was an entrance. Favorite altcoin of last year While leaving Solana, the money moved to other Bitcoin and Ethereum.

It ranks first in corporate cryptocurrency funds, as in the past weeks. with $1.72 billion again Bitcoin (BTC) took place.

on the other hand $84.5 million for Ethereum (ETH) fund entry while being short Bitcoin to the fund 22 million dollarAn inflow of 100,000 was observed.

While asset outflow continues from Solana (SOL), the altcoin with the highest inflow of money last year, institutional investors Cardano (ADA), Ripple (XRP) and Chainlink (LINK) headed.

From Solana last week $11.9 million debut to Cardano while being seen 300 thousand dollars, to Chainlink $1.6 million And 2.5 million to Ripple dollar money inflow happened.

The notable money inflow is 7.6 with million dollars Polygon (MATIC) happened.

According to the Coinshares report, US investors were among the top purchasing countries. US investors entered the cryptocurrency market, especially Bitcoin, only last week. 1,888 billion dollars It flowed. The majority of these were purchases by spot Bitcoin ETF issuers.

However, in Canada $23 million and in Germany $34 million exit occurred.

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