Which of These 4 Personality Types Do You Have?

The purpose of personality analyzes is to gather individuals who exhibit similar behaviors in a group to form personality types. These analyzes started with Aristotle in Ancient Greece and have continued increasingly until today.

Our behaviors and thoughts that distinguish us from others form our personality. In addition to personality, two other concepts that are often wondered are usually character and temperament is happening. Character is about morality and embodies the values ​​and behaviors of the individual that are accepted by other members of society. Temperament, on the other hand, is a little more about emotions and expresses the sum of our emotional reactions.

Austrian psychiatrist, one of the founders of individual psychology Alfred Adler He also studied personality to find the reasons behind our actions and thoughts, and inferiority complex and seeking supremacy based his theory of personality. According to this personality theory 4 sub personality types are found: Dominant Type, Receptive Type, Avoidant Type, Socially Competent Type. You can find out which personality type you have according to Alfred Adler by following the instructions at the end of this article.

Your goals may show your personality

Alfred Adler’s people your future goals thinks it is the main factor in determining their personality. The latest researches in this field are indeed the purpose of protecting the identity of each individual in line with certain goals in his life. stable behavior has demonstrated. So your goals may determine who you are. According to this theory of personality, if you want to understand someone’s personality, you can look at their goals.

Can personality be developed?


Thanks to your interactions with other people, Alfred Adler and other scientists working in this field. that you can develop your personality they express. You can find the missing parts of your personality and solve the confusion about them. When you solve these insufficiency and feelings of inferiority You’ve got rid of it and you’ve completed your personality.

Personality types according to Alfred Adler:

personality tests

Yes, now it’s your turn to follow the steps to find out which personality type you are. Rate each item below on a scale of 0 to 4 on how appropriate it is for you (0 – not at all suitable for me, 4 – very suitable for me). 4 parts 4 different personality types Represent. You are considered to have the personality type in the section where you score the most. If you get the same score in both sections, it shows that you are in the process of changing and developing your personality.

1. Dominant Type

a) Getting angry quickly aggressive I show moves.

b) Dominant I have a character, I like to direct others.

c) I don’t care much about the events around me, the priority is my wishes and my goals.

2. Receiver Type

a) Because I often fail to solve my problems, I will get help.

b) My expectations are always in vain. i shouldn’t trust But I also have to trust someone.

c) my fabbies, obsessions or my concerns does not leave me.

3. AvoidantType

a) When there is a problem to escape and leaving it to time is the most logical solution.

b) In order not to fail not try must.

c) If there are others in an environment responsibility I don’t want to buy.

4. Social Type

a) As much as my own benefit in solving problems benefit of others I have to watch.

b) For me, there are no unresolved problems, unsolved problem has.

c) Empathy My level is high.

Note: The above test was created by the author of the article, taking into account the characteristics of each personality type, to give an idea about the personality type. All personalities are unique and unique to themselves. Personality types do not just express an absolute reality, as Adler states. are useful constructs.

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