When is Gemini coming back?

Google released image generator Gemini earlier this month, but things did not go well. The racist images created following the commands given to the application caused trouble for Google. So when is Gemini coming back?

Google answered the question “When is Gemini coming back?”

Last week, Google released its Gemini AI image generator, which failed to consistently produce images of white people. People wasted no time in noticing this problem and immediately accusing Google of racism.

Google, which temporarily disabled the capabilities of the image generator last week, answered the question of when Gemini is coming back. The company will try again in a few weeks.

“We took that feature offline, we’re fixing it,” Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis said at a conference on Monday, Reuters reported. “We hope to be back online in a few weeks,” he said.

Urgent statement from Google for embarrassing images of Gemini

Urgent statement from Google for embarrassing images of Gemini

Google has issued a statement for inaccurate and embarrassing images produced by its Gemini artificial intelligence tool. Here are the details…

For the “Viking images” command, Gemini turned up a series of images that did not consistently represent images of Europeans. In scripts such as images of America’s Founding Fathers or the Pope, Gemini produced black people.

In short, Gemini was racist against white people in order not to be racist against black people. In addition, these images are also historically inaccurate. This was the part for which Google apologized.

When Gemini was asked to create Nazi imagery, she made them black too. After all this, Google suspended Gemini. But it looks like it’s coming back soon. What are you thinking? Please don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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