WhatsApp users beware: You may be a victim of scammers!

Not a day goes by that a new fraud method does not appear in our country and in the world. Unfortunately, we are all used to and wary of thieves who often come across with fake deals, hacked social media accounts, fake websites or banking apps. What if scammers try to scam you over WhatsApp with the phone number of your loved ones?

Scammers imitate your loved ones on WhatsApp!

unfortunately for a while InstagramCriminals who try to defraud you by using your loved ones from , have developed themselves. Fraudsters who managed to infiltrate someone else’s WhatsApp with a method that is not yet known exactly, using the application ShiftDelete.Netfounder of Hakki AlkanHe tried to fool her.

In fact, although the method of scammers is quite simple, it is just as dangerous. Especially a message that you trust and from your close circle can cause you to lose your money within minutes without anyone noticing. The main question is how WhatsApp was infiltrated.

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Hakki Alkanuses the following statements on this subject in the post in which it disclosed the fraudsters; “OMG. After Instagram thieves, now WhatsApp thieves have started to work. As far as I understand, they are issuing SIM cards with the credentials they got. I am doing research on the subject. I will prepare a comprehensive content. Below is a message from a friend of mine.”

There are multiple methods that scammers can use to gain access to your WhatsApp. Unfortunately, they are all bad scenarios. Identity theft is the first thing that comes to mind. Criminals who have obtained your personal information may have created a new line by impersonating you.

In another scenario that comes to mind, there is a possibility that your phone has been compromised. A software that entered your phone without you noticing may have transmitted the QR information required to log into WhatsApp Web without your knowledge. Unfortunately, in the digital age we live in, there are many methods that can cause your information to be compromised.

When there is more information on the subject, we will keep you informed through this and new news. However, be mindful of the messages you receive until the scammers’ method is exposed and whatever loophole you’re dealing with is closed. If a relative of yours wants money or important personal information via WhatsApp, be sure to call and confirm.

It is also possible to protect against SIM card theft by activating two-step authentication in WhatsApp. You can manage your two-step verification settings from your WhatsApp account. You can enable or disable this feature, change your key, or update your email address associated with two-step verification. To apply, all you have to do is:

Enable WhatsApp Two-step verification

  • on WhatsApp SettingsOpen .
  • Account > Two-step verification > ActivateTap .
  • Enter and confirm the six-digit key you specified.
  • Enter an email address you can access or if you don’t want to add an email address skipTap . We recommend adding an email address as it allows you to reset two-step verification and helps protect your account.
  • ForwardTap .
  • Confirm your email address and Save or FinishedTap .

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