WhatsApp is getting a new file sharing feature

WhatsApp, Android And iOS It will make sharing files between users much easier. A feature being tested in the beta version of the app will enable you to share files with nearby users without an internet connection. Here is new WhatsApp file sharing support.

WhatsApp is testing a feature that will allow users to share files with others nearby without an internet connection. The file sharing option discovered in the recently released beta update; to practice iOS AirDrop or Android Share with Nearby It will give you a similar ability.

WhatsApp will use Bluetooth and WiFi support to share files with nearby users. Once this feature is activated, it will be possible to transfer files to a nearby user directly from the WhatsApp application.

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The feature in beta works when both parties accept the request. It also promises end-to-end encryption to keep shared files private. This will eliminate the need to use third-party services for file transfer, especially between Android and iOS.

The new sharing function will allow you to share files directly via WhatsApp without an internet connection or using different services. Considering that almost every smartphone owner uses WhatsApp today, this feature seems quite useful.

WhatsApp has been taking significant steps to improve its user interface lately. Major changes are expected to be made especially on the Android platform. With an update, the initial letters of the “Writing” and “Online” indicators, which show the status of the other person in chats, have been capitalized.

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