What speed: Google Bard has reached a new level!

The year 2023, which we are in, will undoubtedly be remembered as the rebirth of artificial intelligence in the future. Google, which is among the pioneers of this process, stands out with its conversation-based artificial intelligence tool Bard, which uses the LaMDA language family. Moreover, he is much more talented now. Here are the details…

Google Bard improved itself with user feedback!

A new announcement was made for Google Bard today. In the post, it was said that with the feedback from users and the updates made for the new generation large language model PaLM2, Bard around the world is more intuitive, imaginative and sensitive than ever before and its capabilities have been accelerated.

It was stated that the feedback from users was particularly useful. For example, it was explained that special learning techniques were used to make artificial intelligence more intuitive and imaginative by adding likes and dislikes to the answers.

ChatGPT's biggest competitor: What is Google Bard and how to use it?

ChatGPT’s biggest competitor: What is Google Bard and how to use it?

In this content, “What is Google Bard?” We answered the question and explained what you need to do to use Google Bard.

Additionally, Bard now allows people to collaborate on creative projects. For example, it allows people to start in any language and continue in more than 40 languages ​​and countries, and also ask for in-depth code help or get better quality and more accurate information about new topics from different perspectives.

Bard add-ons are coming!

In the statement made by Google, the following was said:

  • To expand Bard’s capabilities, we’re taking the important step of pulling information from Google apps and services you rely on on a daily basis.
  • Bard can now pull real-time information from Maps, YouTube, Hotels and Flights and help you work with it. You can bring together what you need from information sources and bring your ideas to life more easily and quickly. These extensions are enabled by default and you can disable them at any time.
  • Now you can collaborate not only with the world’s information in one place, but also with your own information as your creative partner with Bard. You can let Bard interact with information from Gmail, Docs, and Drive so you can search, summarize, and answer questions on your personal content. Your Google Workspace data will not be used to train Bard’s overall model and you can opt out at any time.
  • The real magic of extensions comes from your ability to put them together intuitively and naturally, as if you were talking to a friend. We spend our lives between apps and tabs, but with extensions, Bard now has a set of helpers that can bring back just the information you need from those apps and services. So, instead of spending hours researching flights and plans for Valentine’s Day, you can simply ask Bard to research flights on Valentine’s Day, find places to buy flowers near the airport, and write a poem to surprise that special someone.
  • A new ability is offered for Bard. This is the ability to talk to other apps and services to provide more useful answers. This is an area where artificial intelligence is still very new. He is still learning and improving quickly. However, it is made available for faster progress based on user feedback.

Sample questions by extensions:

  • Maps extension:
    • “What is the shortest way from Istanbul to Ankara?”
    • “Can you help me find a 5-star hotel in Istanbul?”
    • “What are the best restaurants in Istanbul?”
  • YouTube extension:
    • “What is the most popular K-pop song?”
    • “Can you help me find a documentary about K-pop?”
    • “What is a new group in K-pop?”
  • Hotels extension:
    • “Can you help me book a hotel room for 2 nights in Paris?”
    • “Can you help me find a 3-star hotel in Barcelona?”
    • “What is the best located hotel in London?”
  • Flights extension:
    • “Can you help me find a round-trip flight ticket from Istanbul to New York?”
    • “How much is a flight ticket from Barcelona to Rome?”
    • “What is the fastest flight from London to Paris?”
  • Gmail, Docs and Drive extensions:
    • “Can you help me filter all emails in my Gmail with the ‘travel’ label?”
    • “Can you help me find the ‘project’ file in my docs?”
    • “Can you help me download all the photos in the ‘photos’ folder on my Drive?”

Update notes shared by Bard

Meet Bard’s most talented model ever

  • What: Thanks to your feedback, Bard is now more intuitive, imaginative, and responsive than ever before. You can turn to Bard to collaborate on a fun and creative task, start in one language and continue in one of over 40 different languages, ask for in-depth coding help, or learn about new topics from different perspectives. Bard can help you achieve higher quality and more accurate results.
  • Why: We believe it’s important to iterate quickly and bring the best of Bard to the world. Your feedback has helped us launch the most capable version of Bard yet, creating a stronger collaborative environment across languages ​​and countries around the world.

Double-check Bard’s answers with Google It v2

  • What: Google Search powered [G] With the button, you can control Bard’s AI generated answers. This feature, currently available only in English, highlights a statement made in the Bard’s response if its reliability can be determined. You can click the statement for more information.
    • Note: Links provided are content found by Search and do not imply that these sources are aware of Bard’s response.
  • Why: People are using AI tools to more easily understand complex topics in new ways. As you continue your learning journey with Bard, it is important to ensure the reliability of the information produced by artificial intelligence.

Benefit from chats shared with you

  • What: When someone shares a Bard conversation with you using Bard’s public link sharing feature, you can continue that conversation in your account and pick up where they started.
  • Why: Creativity is often inspired by the work of others. The more ideas you work with, the more likely you are to come up with something truly innovative. That’s why we make it easy for you to use conversations shared by others as a starting point for your own creative journey.

More features supported in all languages

  • What: You can upload images with Google Lens in all supported languages, get Google Search images in replies, and change Bard’s replies to be simpler, longer, shorter, more professional, or more casual.
  • Why: Giving the option to change the answers to better suit your needs gives you more control over the creative process. Using images as part of prompts unlocks a new level of creativity. Responses supported by visuals can also further help bring ideas to life.

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