What is Money Laundering via Mail Order and How Is It Done?

The wealth of Dilan and Engin Polat couple has been talked about a lot lately. In addition to many posts showing plane rentals and Dilan Polat’s luxurious life, Muhammet Yakut’s “money laundering” allegations caused the couple to remain on the agenda. The allegations made have made it a matter of curiosity how money can be laundered through the mail order method.

Passing off illegally received money as legitimate by paying for fake products ordered online black money One of the ways to justify. Although there are many money laundering methods, the one that came to the fore with Dilan and Engin PolatWhat is the mail order method? and how to send money illegally?” We answered your questions.

Before continuing with the content, of course, this is a It constitutes a crime and there are serious penalties. Let’s also point out.

Allegations of money laundering via mail order

Businessman Muhammet Yakut made claims about where Dilan Polat’s wealth came from. According to Yakut, Dilan Polat was laundering money through mail order method through jewelry stores. The Polat couple made statements that they earned taxes on all the money they earned, and their claims were lies. Even though the necessary investigations have been carried out, what Muhammet Yakut said has not yet been confirmed.

What is mail order that makes paying by credit card easier?

Internet banking

Before moving on to money laundering via mail order, let’s explain what mail order is. One of the methods of paying by credit card mail order; A method where you can make payments when your credit card is damaged, when there is an internet/power outage on the POS device, or when you do not have your credit card with you.

Even if you are not in the same environment as the POS device, you can make your shopping easier by paying via mail order. Of course, your credit card is required for this. Open to mail order payment method it should. You can open your credit card for this payment method via internet banking, customer services or internet banking.

How to pay by mail order?

mail order and credit card

If you are near the POS device but there is no physical withdrawal, credit card number, expiration date and security code manual Payment can be made by entering the Another method is to use a form. Mail order form The identity information of the credit card holder, credit card information and payment amount are written on it. Businesses can receive payment with the form signed by the customer.

Filling out a form or sharing information with the business Disadvantages of mail order can be counted among them. For this reason, both the business and the customer must protect themselves.

How come payment is made for a product that does not exist?

money laundering

Mail order is one of the money laundering methods that has become increasingly common in our country lately. by mail and online It turns illegal money into legal money. paying for items not actually ordered, or fake invoices This method, which includes cutting, also includes different methods.

Products not ordered showing as ordered money transfer is made. The products are then returned (supposedly) and the money is taken for a fake invoice. Another method is buying fake products and then sell these products as real products. Another method through which illegal money is transferred is issuing fake invoices. Money is demanded from the owner of the black money by issuing a fake invoice. In this way, the person/company transfers the money to the person/company that issues the invoice as if they had made a purchase.

How does money laundering via mail order become such a big deal?

internet banking fraud

The features and power of the Internet give money launderers an advantage in this regard. person who pays failure to identify and the fact that there is no possibility of verifying one’s identity makes it easier. Not knowing where the money transfer takes place means that there is no charge for the transactions made. failure to keep record This makes the mail order method advantageous for those who want to launder money.

If you are going to pay by mail order, you should be careful about the institutions to which you send forms and share your information. by determining your credit card limits It is beneficial to secure yourself.


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