What is known about iPad 10 features and design!

Apple introduced new operating system versions, M2 processor and devices using this chip at the WWDC22 event held in the first week of this month. Now, it is preparing for the launch it will organize for its new smartphones and tablets in September. According to the leaks, iPad 10 features may be worth the wait.

How will the iPad 10 features and price be?

Apple regularly introduces new iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro models. Of course, it appeals to almost all consumers, from professionals to students, both in terms of features and price (between 300 and 2 thousand 400 dollars).

However, although Pro models attract the attention of people who want to buy a tablet, the most affordable ones stand out as they have prices ranging from 16 thousand 999 TL to 47 thousand 999 TL (depending on screen size, storage and network support) in our country. .

Critical decision from Apple: Name change on new iPhones!

Critical decision from Apple: Name change on new iPhones!

Apple comes with a surprise in the new series. A surprising name change awaits us in the iPhone 14 series.

A new affordable model is expected to be introduced this year as well. This device, which will have the name iPad 10, has 2 main leaks on the price and features side. The first of these says that it will use the case of the old iPad Pro, and therefore it will come with a larger 10.5-inch screen.

Another claim says that Apple will switch to a new design specific to the 10th model, just like iPhone models. In this case, we can see a thin-framed screen and angular edge design that we see in the 5th generation iPad Air and Pro models. It is also stated that the screen size will be 10.6 inches in this scenario.

But in this case, it’s very difficult to have an entry-level price of $329 ($299 with student discount), like the iPad 8 and iPad 9 models. Moreover, the future of 5G support is almost certain. Therefore, we may see an increase in prices with the new safe.

On the other hand, if Apple wants to maintain its affordable and student-friendly approach, it seems much more likely to switch to the 10.5-inch iPad Pro case. According to the leaks, there will be the A14 processor, which we know from the iPhone 12 models. But in any case, the larger screen, the faster processor and the future of 5G support can be considered certain.

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