What is a Scientific Article, How to Write it?

People in the scientific world write scientific articles to announce their work to other experts. A scientific article is not a literary genre, but rather a kind of report in which the studies on a subject are presented to the experts and interested parties in an organized manner. Let’s examine the questions like what is a scientific article and how to write it in all details.

The article is a literary genre that is published in newspapers, magazines and websites that we all know. A scientific article, on the other hand, is more than a literary genre, even if it is accepted as a type of article. Because the subject of the name is science, and rather than a general narrative, the writer’s work on a subject. presented to the relevant and experts of the subject in the most clear way. seen as a kind of report.

Whether you are a newcomer to the world of science or a professor who is an expert on the subject; As long as you follow the rules and system, you can write a scientific article and even have it published in international scientific journals. Of course, no one can write such a report by saying let’s sit down and write a scientific article, there are important rules that should be known. What is a scientific article and how to write it Let’s examine the curious topics in all details.

Let’s start with the basics, what is a scientific paper?

To make a basic definition, a scientific article; the results of an original research done by the person It is a report created by preparing it in accordance with the determined format. The scientific article is supervised by the editors in the publication organ specific to its subject and by independent referees who are experts in the subject.

A scientific article is a description of the person concerned with the research in question. Do not evaluate the reader with this explanation, for repeating the said experiment and similar studies. opportunity is provided. For this reason, it should be prepared in a tidy and simple manner, but in a way that gives all the necessary information.

Let’s come to our topic, how to write a scientific article?

  • Preparation process for scientific article writing
  • Scientific article writing process

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Preparation process for scientific article writing:

  • Determine the subject of the scientific article.
  • Determine the purpose of your work.
  • Do a literature review on the topic.
  • Compile any resources you find on the topic.
  • Consider how to make your article original.

Determine the subject of the scientific article:

Rather than the subject of the scientific article, what you need to determine is the subject of the study you will describe in the article. Think about doing a study on the subject in your mind. Will it really work for the scientific world? You should work on a subject that is needed in your field. Otherwise, if you work on a popular topic that everyone has been working on for years and present it in a scientific article and you can’t find a unique result, you’ll be lost in the middle.


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Determine the purpose of your work:

Since the preparation process of the scientific article study is an intellectual process, think about it after you find your topic; Why am I doing this work, what is my purpose? Do you want to defend an opinion or refute an opinion? Be sure, when you start to find the answers to these questions, you will inevitably see that a road map has opened in front of you.

Do a literature review on the topic:

After you have found the subject and purpose of your study, it is time to collect resources about the subject, namely to do a literature study. whatever your subject You can find many previously prepared theses, books, journals, minutes, symposium records, presentation papers, academic website and newspaper news. Central libraries and university libraries are gems for reaching literature. Of course, do not forget to do an internet search to find the source.

Compile any resources you find on the topic:

Whatever your subject is, you will reach many resources and be sure. most of them will be useless but still, don’t ignore them and read whatever you can get your hands on. Then start compiling. Underline important points, take notes, add your thoughts. Make a note of why you have eliminated what you have eliminated, why you have chosen what you have taken as a source. Do not forget to include details about the source in the notes.

Consider how to make your article original:

If you are not working on an unprecedented subject, you can customize your scientific article. to highlight You have to follow some methods. Some experts recommend enriching the content by using survey and interview methods. At this point, you can examine the articles written in a foreign language. If they have not been translated into our language before, using them in your studies by citing the source will also make your scientific article more original.

scientific article

Scientific article writing process:

  • Using the IMRAD format
  • Heading preparation
  • Preparing a short summary
  • Preparing an entry
  • Prepare the materials and methods section
  • Preparing the conclusion
  • writing a discussion

Using the IMRAD format:

Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion in short IMRAD, Introduction, Method, Results and Discussion in Turkish; It is the writing style used in scientific articles. The scientific article in which the subject of the study is reported should be prepared in accordance with this format.

Heading preparation:

The title of the scientific article is extremely important as it is the part that is seen everywhere and gives the first impression about the article. It should reflect the content in the least number of words in the most accurate way, It should not contain abbreviations and formulas, should not be too short to describe the content, and should not be so long as to be full of unnecessary words.

Preparing a short summary:

A brief summary is a short text that simply describes what’s going on in the entire article you’re writing about. Many readers read the short summary first. and continue reading the article if it interests him. It should be written in the past tense and should not provide information that is not included in the article. Considering that it will be published alone, it should be written in such a way that it can be read without the need to look at the main part.

scientific article

Input preparation:

The introduction is actually a space to explain the study to the reader. Here the problem is mentioned, It is explained what has been examined, the hypothesis and briefly the result obtained are given. The method used in the study is explained in the introduction. The main findings of the study should be explained. The results obtained after the study should also be presented to the reader in the simplest form in the introduction. The abbreviations in the main part can be mentioned in this section.

Prepare the materials and methods section:

This is one of the sections that need to be written in the most detailed way, because the reader can generally understand in the light of the information here. evaluates the entire work. In this section, written in the past tense, the method used in the study is explained in detail. This is also the section where the study is described and, if necessary, defended.

Preparing the conclusion:

In the conclusion part, it is no longer the details of the study, but the result obtained with the study. Sample data should be used instead of repetitive data. The negative aspects of the study can be given here. If the results are tabular and clearly understood, there is no need for a text explanation.

Writing a discussion:

Discussion is now the part that the zurna calls “zırt”. The study and the results are not mentioned, it is necessary to make an evaluation. Reviews and comments about the study You can explain here. You can talk about whether you support the hypothesis and explain its compatibility or inconsistency with other studies. You can end the discussion section with a brief summary.

which is the backbone of studies in the scientific world. What is a scientific article and how to write it We talked about what you need to know about the subject by answering frequently asked questions. Of course, the scientific article, which is an academic study, is a much more detailed subject, but in this article, we aimed to give an idea to those who have no knowledge about the subject.

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