What Does Web 3.0 Need to Grow?

In the past 15 years, Web 2.0 has entered our lives. The biggest thing that Web 2.0 promised was social media. Now Web 3.0 has entered our lives, but many of us are not aware of it and do not use it. So how can Web 3.0 gain more users? Let’s explain.

Web 3.0 has officially entered our lives now. But no one knows exactly what Web 3.0 is and what it contains. What we want to talk about in today’s article Web 3.0 what it contains and Why does it have so few users?. However, if you are wondering what Web 3.0 is, we will briefly touch on it, don’t worry.

The majority of the audience currently on Web 3.0 consists of people interested in cryptocurrencies. If Web 3.0 is just like Web 2.0 (social media age) Much more needs to be done if it is to grow. Bride Web 3.0, Let’s take a look at what should be done if it wants to reach the number of users like Web 2.0.

What is Web 3.0, where does it appear?

We will talk about why Web 3.0 has so few users in a moment, but for our readers who have never heard of it, let’s first explain what Web 3.0 is and where it appears. Before explaining Web 3.0, let’s give a brief rundown of Web 1.0 and 2.0: Web 1.0, 90% of users are just consumersIt was a period that lasted from 1990 to 2005. Web 2.0 On the other hand, it is the internet version in which users are both producers and consumers and which can be accessed from many devices, including mobile, and is still used.

We encounter more frequently as a concept in 2020 and 2021 and have been growing and developed since then. Web 3.0, Unlike Web 2.0, it is a decentralized and blockchain-based system. In addition to producing content on the Web 3.0, users can generate large incomes with cryptocurrencies and better protect their personal data while browsing.

How to attract users to the cryptocurrency side of Web 3.0?


In the past years, many people have been involved in the cryptocurrency exchange. In particular, the goal of Web 3.0 should be to attract people who are involved in cryptocurrency trading but not very close. Several applications currently included in Web 3.0 also serve this purpose and promise high profits to small-scale investors.

Uniswap (UNI), OpenSea, and Aave (AAVE) are some of the most well-known popular Web 3.0 products, all built to directly buy and trade cryptocurrency assets and leverage. However, there is a very limited audience currently using these platforms and it has not reached enough people. Because the number of platforms is small and does not appeal to everyone. These platforms need to be advertised better and even more platforms like this need to be created.

How can non-crypto users be attracted to Web 3.0?

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Almost all Web 3.0 projects, Alternatives to Web 2.0 platforms aspect is making great progress. Web 3.0 vs Web 2.0 has great advantages And in this way, they succeed in attracting a large audience.

odysee It offers a fairer platform for content producers and users only than alternatives such as YouTube. Odysee, agents such as agencies and their costs and overheads associated with intermediaries by eliminatingto content creators on their platforms YouTube and Twitch from competing Web 2.0 platforms such as can offer much higher dividends.

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Just like the Odyssey Brave web browser also tries to create a fairer platform for its users by overhauling the ad-based revenue model with a more private, transparent and fair alternative. Web 2.0 advertisements are both the ones we consume online. integration into content as well as to serve targeted ads apps that violate user privacy poses great problems.

Ads in the Brave browser are not on web pages, that is, where your focus is. pops up in system notifications. Ads on Brave are not displayed under and over your personal data, but instead you choose the types of ads you want.


If you like ads in Brave browser You can also disable it completely. However, if you agree to receive advertisements in your browser, users receive 70% of what the advertiser pays and this creates a much more fair, private and transparent advertising system.

The messaging app called Session is designed to offer vastly improved privacy compared to popular messaging apps. the advantages of decentralization benefits. In this way, Session is completely reliably better than its popular competitors. It can offer greater privacy and anonymity.


Apps like this, mainstream users Plays a key role in attracting Web 3.0. For example, Session in 2021, as many people left WhatsApp due to the privacy agreement of WhatsApp that broke out last year, experienced a full 500% growth. Brave is also slowly becoming a major browser and now has over 40 million users.

The Web 3.0 applications we mentioned have the following common points: They’re easy to use, offer crypto-independent advantages, and don’t require a significant financial investment.. If applications with these features increase, it is possible to see a great increase in the number of daily users of Web 3.0.

Why exactly does Web 3.0 need more users?

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Value in technology is driven by users and if no one is using, what is the meaning of your technology? If Web 3.0 is to continue to be one of the biggest growing industries in the entire world, it needs users.

Despite all the advantages it offers, creating truly decentralized applications is one of the central alternatives. has a much more complex process. Attracting more users will help solve this problem, as applications with a user base can develop faster.


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For example, as the number of users of the Session application grows, increased feedback, reporting and support It greatly helped the development of the application. This is the thing, in fact, as other applications have more users, they will develop more and start to attract more users.

The next step for the Web 3.0 industry, this reach the critical mass of users as quickly as possible should be. This will not only enable applications to grow and evolve, but will also attract new investments in the space.

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