What Does It Mean for Major Altcoins?

Experts predict that Ethereum (ETH) could reach its highest value ever this summer. This potential increase also has significant implications for other popular cryptocurrencies. As the bull run into 2024 continues, it is crucial to understand its impact on the broader market. This article explores what such a milestone could mean for the broader cryptocurrency landscape. Read on to uncover the implications of this event on various cryptocurrencies.

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Solana Price Near Key Resistance, Target $200

Solana, a strong Ethereum competitor, is witnessing a strong increase in its prices. It was up almost 9% last week and is up just over 10% in a month. Over the long term, there has been significant growth, with the price of SOL rising by more than 200% in the last six months. Currently, SOL is trading between $146.59 and $184.77. With the RSI and Stochastic readings indicating neither overbought nor oversold conditions, it is approaching the key resistance level at $199.54. The cryptocurrency’s movements appear to be in a growth phase rather than a correction. If the momentum continues, SOL could surpass the resistance and target the $200 mark.

Avalanche Price Movements: Current Overview and Predictions

Another Ethereum competitor, Avalanche (AVAX), has seen a price increase recently. Last week, the value of AVAX increased by 9.28%, signaling strong upward momentum. However, looking at the last month, it can be seen that the price decreased by 3.34%. Looking back, a significant increase of 81.24% is seen in the last six months, indicating a longer-term uptrend for the cryptocurrency. AVAX is trending in a volatile zone, with the current price bouncing between $32.07 and $38.45. The market sentiment is hesitant and potentially oversold, as indicated by the low RSI of 32.45 and the Stochastic value of 11.84. A negative MACD level also indicates an imminent bearish phase. Despite the short-term positive trend, it will be crucial to see whether AVAX can break through the nearest resistance at $41.30 or pull back towards the support at $28.53. The coin’s movements look impulsive in the short term and corrections are likely on the horizon.

XRP Price Movement: A Brief Analysis

The price of XRP is currently hovering between $0.49 and $0.53. The nearby resistance level is $0.55, which suggests that the price could face a hurdle here if it moves higher. Conversely, if the price declines, there is support at $0.47, at which point it could possibly bounce back. Last week saw a slight increase in XRP value of 1.35%, but looking at the last month and six months saw a decrease of 5.29% and 15.18% respectively. Currently, the price is not showing a strong bullish or bearish trend as indicated by a neutral RSI near 46.96 and a MACD Level near zero. The short-term and long-term averages are at the same level ($0.53), indicating price stability for now. By these measurements, the altcoin price appears to be in a consolidation phase rather than making significant impulsive or corrective moves.

Dogecoin (DOGE) Price Analysis and Future Movement

The price of Dogecoin has shown significant growth, increasing by over 100% in the last six months. Over the past week, the altcoin has seen a modest increase of around 2%, but has fallen slightly by 1.3% over the past month. Currently, Dogecoin is trading between $0.1363 and $0.1599. The cryptocurrency faces its next struggle at the $0.1714 resistance and $0.1242 support. Considering the low RSI and Stochastic values, Dogecoin’s current move looks more corrective. However, with a relatively stable average price over the last 10 to 100 days, the coin may soon attempt to retest resistance levels.

Solution for Strong Ethereum Competitors

If Ethereum reaches a new all-time high this summer, it could mean a mixed outlook for other cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies such as SOL, AVAX, XRP, and DOGE may see less growth in the short term. The focus should be on BlastUP, which is expected to have a higher chance of achieving significant gains. The project stands out due to its unique idea and place in the Blast ecosystem. It is promising for those looking for potential in the market.

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