What Do the Partitions Under Airplane Wings Do?

For some of us, airplanes are much more than complex machines. They are representatives of man-made wonders in the sky. So, have you noticed those pod-like structures that catch your eye underneath these flying giants?

On plane trips Those sitting by the window must have seen it. There are pod-like structures under aircraft wings.

These compartments, which seem quite insignificant, are actually It is a must for an airplane!

These structures are Flap Track Fairings (FTF), that is, flap track coverings located under the wings.

Fairings are cleverly placed under aircraft wings and It is designed to look like a boat. This is because FTFs surround and protect the operating mechanism of the flaps, which can be opened and closed during flight.

The size of the fairings varies with the length of the flap paths and is usually To maintain the aerodynamic structure of the wings designed.

But why is it so important?

airplane wing flaps

Flaps allow aircraft wings to change shape It can produce high lift force even at low speeds. During takeoff and landing, planes need lower stall speeds, and this is where flaps come into play.

At the same time, flaps increase the lift coefficient by increasing the slope of the wings. By increasing drag allowing the aircraft to slow down in a more controlled manner It helps.

The flaps are mounted on a rail system under the wings and are activated by the pilot’s command.

When the pilot requests the flaps to be extended moving on the rail system It pulls the trailing edge of the wings downward.

This movement increases lift and drag, increasing the aircraft’s Becoming more adaptable to weather conditions provides.

So, have you seen these compartments before?

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