What Causes Black Lines on Nails?

Have you noticed black lines suddenly appearing on your nails? These lines, which seem unimportant at first glance, may actually be important signals that your body is trying to send you.

Most of us can ignore such details in the rush of daily life, but the condition of our nails our general health It can give important clues about

If you have it on your nails too black lines If it occurs, it would be useful to know the reasons.

Trauma and injury

The most common cause of black lines on your nails is a blow or injury to the nail bed. Traumas cause damage to blood vessels and blood accumulation under the nail This may cause black lines to appear. This condition is medically called subungual hematoma and usually heals on its own.



melanonychia, The name given to the condition that occurs as a result of increased melanin pigment in the nail bed. This increase usually manifests itself as brown or black lines on the nail.

Melanonychia is generally considered harmless, but sometimes melanoma It can be a symptom of serious health problems such as: You should definitely see a doctor, especially if it appears as a distinct and thick line on a part of the nail.

Moreover fungal nail infection It is also one of the causes of melonia. Candida infection can sometimes show itself as a black line. For this, a nail biopsy must be performed.

Medication side effects

Why are there black lines on nails?

Some medications can also cause color changes in nails. chemotherapy drugs, Antimalarial drugs and some antibiotics are among the drugs that cause discoloration.

If you notice changes in your nails after starting a new medication, You need to tell your doctor.

Another reason for the black line on the nail is HIV. We can also add the drugs used to treat this disease among the reasons.

Systemic diseases

Black lines on the nails can sometimes be a symptom of systemic diseases. Heart diseases, Chronic diseases such as kidney failure or diabetes can negatively affect your nail health. In such cases, changes in your nails may be a sign of a larger problem going on in your body.

Recommendations to protect your nail health

To protect your nail health and detect possible problems early, check your nails regularly and take a look if you notice any color changes or abnormalities. Consult an expert.

It also contains essential vitamins and minerals balanced nutrition program You also need to apply it. You can prevent black lines by protecting your nails from impacts, injuries, splinters, etc.

In conclusion, black lines on your nails Although it is not always a sign of a serious health problem, you can have healthier nails by ignoring these symptoms.

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