What are the most expensive NFT artifacts?

sold so far most expensive NFT what are his works? Unchangeable token (NFTs) are growing in popularity day by day. Especially in the last months, wildly priced works are sold for millions of dollars. Thus, the avalanche growth of digital artworks has become inevitable.

Actually NFTs crypto- only one sub-sector in the world. But it has also attracted some of the largest non-crypto communities, including celebrities and collectors. Finder.comBased on the content of , we have compiled these digital works with the highest price ever for you. Some of these prices are really crazy!

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British giant Manchester City was preparing for a sponsorship partnership in order to add a new one to its revenues. This time, however, he slammed into hard rock.

10 – One of the most expensive NFT artifacts: CryptoPunk #6965

There are 10 works in our list. Some of those to CryptoPunks belonging That’s why you’ll see this name often. Let’s start with NFT, which is tenth on our list. Punk #6965 The work is worth 800 ETH in total. 1.5 million dollars found a buyer.

The most expensive NFTs

In this collection, which is among the most expensive NFT works, monkey with fedora also draws attention. Let us remind you that there are only 24 monkeys and 186 CryptoPunk wearing a fedora in the series. Because this shows that Punk #6965 is a rare work.

9- ‘First Tweet’ is worth $2.9 million

CEO and founder of Twitter and Square Jack Dorsey among those who stepped into the NFT market. At Valuables, run by Cent, Dorsey your first tweet It was put up for sale as a work. The first tweet in Twitter history, approx. $2.9 million found a buyer.

NFT of first tweet

Dorsey’s tweet, “I’m setting up my Twitter,” was dated March 21, 2006. CEO of Bridge Oracle Sinai Estawi purchased the digital artwork of this tweet. After the sale, Dorsey kept all of his income. to bitcoin transformed. He also donated all of the proceeds to a charity in Africa through GiveDirectly.

8 – Replicator is one of the most expensive NFT works!

Showing a copy machine in a small, dim room replicator title work, Mad Dog Jones Canadian artist known by the pseudonym Michah Dowbakbelonging to If this is a digital work $4.1 million sold in exchange.

What is NFT?

That said, Replicator has one rather interesting feature. Because the Replicator New NFT every 28 days Designed to print. Mad Dog has also partnered with Phillips for these works. There is no information about the buyer of the work. There were reports that he was one of the new residents of the auction.

7 – Stay Free is worth $5.4 million

Another of the most expensive NFT artifacts Edward Snowden‘belong to. He is a computer intelligence expert who reported on the existence of mass surveillance programs run by the National Security Agency (NSA) in 2013. His work is also very interesting.

The most interesting NFTs

Last April, Snowden sold his first NFT, which overlapped with pages of court documents that found the NSA’s surveillance programs violated US law. Full of this work $5.4 million took. The money he earns is non-profit Press Freedom Foundationdonated to.

6 – World Wide Web Source Code Sold for $5.4M!

World Wide Webdeveloper of Tim Berners Lee among those who entered the NFT market. On June 30, 2021, he auctioned an NFT of WWW’s source code.

WWW source code

This work $5.7 million found a buyer. Lee also announced that he will donate the proceeds to charities. The work consisted of 4 different parts, including time-stamped source code files, a video animation of the creation of the code, a letter from the engineer, and a digital poster he designed of the code.

5 – Ocean Front made $6 million!

Ocean Front, ranked fifth among the most expensive NFT artifacts. beepleOne of the masterpieces in the “Everydays” series of .

digital artworks

Founder of Tron Foundation among those who want to buy the work Justin Sun, 3F Music and BabyBeluga there was. After all, Justin Sun 6 million dollars bid and became the winner.

4 – Crossroad went for $6.6 million

crossroadPopular cryptocurrency exchange created by Beeple Geminiat Nifty Gateway, an NFT marketplace owned by $6.6 million It is another digital artwork for sale.

Donald Trump

Artwork, former US President Donald TrumpIt shows a depiction of ‘s after losing the 2020 US presidential election. Beeple also made a different design to sell based on the election result.

3 – CryptoPunk #7804 $7.57 million

Punk #7804 named NFT, one of the most expensive NFT works. From the CryptoPunk series, which was sold at almost the same time as the #3100 in March 2021. It is also an extremely rare AlienPunk.

What are the most expensive NFTs?

An Alien Punk wearing a pipe, bonnet and sunglasses stands out in the work. The collection at the time $7,566,173.88 worth about 4,200 ETH was sold in return.

2 – CryptoPunk #3100 artwork $7.58 million

CryptoPunksoffers collections of 8-bit images of humanoid characters known as ‘Punks’. Each of these has unique features.

How much are NFT artifacts sold for?

CryptoPunks series, Ethereum one of the oldest collection series on the blockchain. Punk #3100Extremely rare piece as it is one of the ‘Alien’ strains that make up only 9 out of 10,000 CryptoPunks. The bandage in the piece also makes the collection rare. In short, this work $7.58 million found a buyer.

1 – The most expensive NFT ‘The First 5,000 Days’ made $69 million!

The First 5,000 Days named NFT is in the position of the most expensive NFT work. Of course it is now. Over time, it is possible for another work to be sold at a higher price. But do you think they can easily compete with this work? because exactly $69 million sold!

The price of the most expensive NFT

The work is also known as the Beeple. Mike Winkelmann It is a digital art collage made by a digital artist and graphic designer named . Winkelmann started working on the collage in May 2007 and has been publishing artworks every day for 13 years.

Artwork, crypto billionaire MetaBush by $69,346,250 Purchased. After the sale, Beeple’s Instagram followers reached millions. also Nike and Louis Vuitton as well as brands such as Childish Gambino and Katy Perry He has worked with various artists such as

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