What are the Causes of Light and Heavy Sleep?

While some people wake up to the door opening or their partner turning over in bed, others do not hear the alarm or do not wake up even if the marching band sings a serenade. So, what separates these people from each other?

This difference is a more comprehensive issue than a personal characteristic. Biological and environmental factors When you get involved, your sleep pattern changes.

It is a place where our body renews itself, our mind rests and is vital for our general health. from the complex processes of sleep Let’s clarify this issue.

The biological aspect of sleep is based on how our nervous system and brain chemicals work.

Bursts of brain activity that occur in the early stages of sleep “sleep spindles” is called. Although there is not much research into the cause of both types of sleep, some tests conducted by scientists shed light on the subject.

In an EEG (electroencephalogram: test that measures electrical movements in the brain), these sleep spindles are measured and differences in their amounts are detected. how much you react to sound while sleeping appears to have changed.

People with more sleep spindles can sleep easily even with loud noises. have fewer sleep spindles, becomes more sensitive to sound.

Our environment also plays an important role in the depth of our sleep.

sleeping heavy

If you try to sleep in a noisy environment or on an uncomfortable bed, your sleep quality may decrease. In addition, modern life brings stress and anxiety, making it difficult to sleep comfortably throughout the night.

Our daily lifestyle and habits also affect our sleep.

light sleep

Those who exercise regularly, follow a healthy diet program, sleep routine It may be easier for those who do not sleep to fall into deep sleep. However, caffeine and substances such as alcohol, It can disrupt your sleep pattern and cause you to sleep lightly.

Especially in the evening if you consume caffeine You may be preventing the transition of sleep to the REM phase and waking up more frequently during the night.

Sleep disorders should also be added.

sleep patterns

Causes of light sleep: Sleep apnea There are also factors such as. Impaired breathing causes frequent awakenings and significantly reduces your sleep quality. Narcolepsy (sleeping sickness) Disorders such as and restless legs syndrome are also among the causes of light sleep.

When you look at it, there is no single reason that makes your sleep light or deep. Therefore, if you are complaining about your sleep pattern, you should consider some things in your life. time to change It may mean that it has arrived.

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