WETH Prank That Panicked Inexperienced Investors: Accompanied By Justin Sun

TRON (TRX) network founder Justin Sun made a joke about the bankruptcy of Wrapped Ethereum (WETH), an ERC-20 compatible version of Ethereum (ETH). Inexperienced investors panicked.

a social media user November 28 on in a post he madebetween WETH and ETH lost its stability and WETH founder 2 billion dollars He stated that he would make WETH stable again by spending money. Due to the structure of WETH, ETH 1:1 knowing how to respond experienced investorswhile accompanying the user’s joke to technical issues judge non- inexperienced investors plunged into panic. Among the jokers Justin sun was also present.

Justin Sun’s quoting the postthe founder of Ethereum, his best friend in the industry Vitalic Buterine to recover all funds along with 2 billion dollars announced that they would invest in stay strong said it should.

While inexperienced investors wondered if this is possible under Justin Sun’s post, investors familiar with the subject asked Justin Sun to invest more and joined in the fun.

Experts argue that because the WETH that users receive in exchange for their staked ETH is actually a token that only proves that the user owns ETH. it is not possible to sink relieved the panicked investors.

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