Wearable Technology Warning from FDA to Measure Glucose

The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stated that smart watches and rings that say they can measure the amount of glucose in the blood but do not use needles should not be trusted.

Also known as diabetes among the public diabetes mellitus People with this condition use a simple measuring device to measure their blood sugar. To use this device, they need to take a blood sample by pricking their fingers with a tiny needle. Some smart watches and ringsAlthough they claim that they can measure the amount of glucose in the blood US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)denied these allegations.

“We did not approve”

In the statement made by the institution, “The FDA has not authorized, approved or authorized any smartwatch or ring that is intended to measure or estimate blood glucose levels per se.” The expression was used. Consumers, patients and caregivers need to benefit from such devices, at least in terms of glucose monitoring. to stay away It has been recommended.

Currently with smart watches or rings, without taking a blood sample or penetrating the skin It is not possible to measure blood sugar. Although products such as Apple Watch and Oura ring can be used to monitor blood glucose levels by working in harmony with different FDA-approved wearable technologies, there is no wearable technology that can do this on its own, without going under the skin.

Apple and Samsung have been without going under the skin He is working on technologies that can detect glucose levels. It is even known that Apple has developed a needle-free glucose monitoring system concept, but the company has not yet been able to make it small enough to fit into products such as smart watches. Samsung is also working on a similar system for its own smart ring, Galaxy Ring.


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