We asked Selçuk Bayraktar about space! We went to Teknofest Izmir!

There is great interest in Teknofest, which will be held in Izmir between 27 September and 1 October. Many surprises await the participants at Teknofest, the Aviation, Space and Technology Festival. ShiftDelete.Net founder Hakkı Alkan attended the event.

We went to Teknofest Izmir!


Teknofest brings thousands of visitors together with the latest trends in technology and innovation every year. This year’s event is bigger and more impressive than ever before. According to the information obtained by Hakkı Alkan, Elon Musk may also attend the Teknofest Izmir event.

We had a special guest in our content. Hakkı Alkan had a short conversation with Selçuk Bayraktar. “What does Baykar think about space?” “We will launch our first satellite, Fergani, next year.” said. Bayraktar stated that the project will take a big place in Turkey’s space adventure in 5-10 years.

Fergani, Baykar's rival company to SpaceX, has rolled up its sleeves for its first satellite!

Fergani, Baykar’s rival company to SpaceX, has rolled up its sleeves for its first satellite!

Founded by Baykar to compete with space and aviation companies such as SpaceX, Fergani started its adventure with the Constellation Satellite Project.

What does Fergani want to do?

Fergani, which consists of a team of 50 people, will first start development on low orbit satellite systems. Here, it will focus on carrying small-sized satellites into LEO orbit (160 km – 2 thousand km), just like SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet company does.

Another step in this direction will be reusable systems. Selçuk Bayraktar had already stated how Musk saved costs by reusing Falcon 9 rockets, which can land on the ground after releasing their payload into space, and that the future is in this field.

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