watchOS 9.5 update came with visual bugs!

Technology giant Apple’s smart watch series Apple Watch continues to be updated day by day. The device, which received an update last week, unfortunately could not please its users this time. The new watchOS version, which did not bring any innovations in the user interface, caused some visual errors. Here are the details…

The new Apple Watch version, watchOS 9.5, drew the reaction of users!

Although the user experience on other devices has been enhanced with the update sent by Apple to the operating systems, unfortunately, the update made in the Apple Watch series was met with reaction from many circles. Unfortunately, the OLED screen performance that users are used to has been shaken by the new watchOS version. In successive error notifications on social media, Apple Watch users reported that they were faced with a background light close to green when using the device.

It seems that the green background that comes with the update; It’s not an innovation that Apple intentionally implemented, it’s just an update bug. It is thought that the error, which can be displayed prominently on the notification screen, will be resolved with the next watchOS update.

The long-awaited feature is on its way: WatchOS design will change!

The long-awaited feature is on its way: WatchOS design will change!

Widget support for Apple Watch is on the way. It has been reported that the design will change with the new WatchOS update.

This error, which directly affects the user experience of Apple, which is preparing for the launch of the new smart watch model Apple Watch Series 9, was found remarkable. It was underlined that the technology giant, which is working on its new model, which is expected to come up with performance-oriented innovations, should also maintain its success in terms of user experience in its existing devices.

So, what do you think about this issue? Did you also encounter the error caused by the watchOS 9.5 version? You can share your views and experiences with us in the comments section.

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