Voice Cloning Feature Coming to TikTok

TikTok is working on a feature where you can use your own voice just by giving text.

It has been the subject of various debates since its release. TikTok, is on the agenda with its ban in the United States. While the social media giant tries every way to get rid of this risk, it also continues to feed its platform with new features.

The latest feature that the company will add to the platform has become a hot topic as it sounds both multifunctional and very risky. You may remember artificial intelligence trends in which different people or fictional characters sing folk songs. TikTok With the new tool it will add, you will be able to do this in a way, using your own voice. But the aim here is functionality rather than entertainment.

Your voice imported into the TikTok library will be private and deletable.

In a code found by AssembleDebug in the latest version of the TikTok application, “TikTok Audio LibraryExpressions such as ” and “Create Your Voice with Artificial Intelligence” were found. The basis of the feature, whose official name is not yet known, is that you can use your own voice in your other content with a short recording.

TikTok voice cloning

You can hear your voice in a process that will take 10 seconds. TikTok You can save it to your library. Then, when you enter the video text you want in the relevant field, that text will be read from your voice by artificial intelligence. This means you will not need to register again for voiceover. Until you reach the audio recording stage, TikTok asks you to accept different notifications.

At the end, what is written on the screen, but the feature is Because it’s not on air yet You are asked to read invisible texts and your voice is created. From here, you can voice your content by simply adding text to your voice.

TikTok voice cloning

The feature is currently a matter of controversy due to risks such as both data security and the spread of misinformation. But there are also those who think it is quite useful. What’s your opinion?


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