Vin Diesel Confirms the End of the Fast and Furious Series

The end of the Fast and Furious series, which shared similar fates with Marvel, became clear again with Vin Diesel’s post.

Continuing since its first film released in 2001 Fast and furious The series met with its fans in the cinema last year with its tenth movie (excluding Hobbs and Shaw). In general, the last film was also liked, but the series is far from its glorious stance in the past.

That’s why with the 11th movie that the main series will end Strong rumors were also born about this. Playing the role of Dominic Toretto Vin Diesel’s His emotional finale post on Instagram also confirmed these rumors. In his post, our popular actor announced that they also held the story meeting of the last movie.

Sharing by Vin Diesel:

We just finished our weekend Fast meeting with the writers and the entire team. Our final excitement To even say it’s incredibly intense would put this down.

As everyone entered the weekend energetically and excitedly, I thought of you. Your enthusiasm and excitement are part of our creative journey. I remembered the moments when he pushed us from behind. Your commitment to our journey has had an unparalleled impact on the success and evolution of the series. As my youngest daughter would say, this is pretty profound.

Thanks to you, this global journey goes beyond the screen and reaches people. Because you are the backbone Thank you.

This grand finale is not just an ending; A celebration of the incredible family we have raised together.

We hope we make you proud!

Although Vin Diesel’s post shows the end of the series, it only concerns the main series films. Well Fast and Furious 12 We will not be able to see it, but spin-off productions such as Hobbs & Shaw will continue to appear. Whose stories do you think we will see?


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