Video of Sex Workers in Turkey Created Controversy

A documentary video broadcast by the +90 YouTube channel, in which individuals representing sex workers in Turkey were interviewed, created serious debates on Twitter. According to some users, video normalizes sex work, while others, on the contrary, think that the content shows the truth.

According to the text published in the channel statement, Germany-based media organization DW Turkish The videos of the mini-documentary channel +90, which was founded under the leadership of the project, create controversy in Turkey from time to time.

When a section of the video of the interview with sex workers, published by the channel on April 8, 2022, was circulated again on Twitter, this time it caused serious discussions. in other words fast consumption habits brought by technologyhas left us in the middle of a debate that has once again pressed on socially important points.

Here is the YouTube video dated April 8, 2022, which was originally 12 minutes 32 seconds long:

The section that caused controversy when it was shared on Twitter on June 22 is as follows: “I graduated from university, I became an artist. It seems to me that I am not that skilled at them. Well, of course, fast money too… So now people can’t work 50 hours a week and earn the money I earn. I work 4 hours a day.”

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