Video Games with Bloody and Disgusting Scenes

Game developers may use intense violence, gore, and various disturbing elements in order to provide players with an in-depth experience. Bloody scenes can enhance the game atmosphere, add dramatic depth to the story, or be used to influence players’ decisions.

One of the most preferred genres in the gaming world horror games, continues to terrify players. Even though they have nothing to do with horror games, there are some games that pull you away from the real world and into a blood-curdling virtual nightmare.

of all time Games with the most blood-curdling scenes, It is far beyond the experience offered by an ordinary horror game. We have compiled for you 10 video games that are frequently talked about with their chilling and bloody scenes.

Games with bloody scenes:

Mortal Kombat makes players experience violence and action at its peak with its striking fighting techniques and death scenes.

Bloody scenes have been a prominent feature of the Mortal Kombat series since the first game was released. At game; There are dismemberments, decapitations and many brutal acts. These features are available for every character in the game and offer players the opportunity to experience these graphically stunning visuals.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard not only offers a classic horror atmosphere, but also brings a new breath to horror games thanks to bloody scenes created with various visual effects.

The bloody scenes in the game add depth to the dark and mysterious story of the game. leads to a fight for survival and brings the tension to its peak.

Phantasmagoria, released in 1995, is remembered for its scenes that were quite striking and shocking for its time.

This production is not only with its technical innovations and success in storytelling, but also with its with bloody and scary scenes It made a name for itself and was considered a turning point in the gaming world.

We frequently encounter bloody scenes in Dead Space 2, which offers players a breathtaking experience by skillfully blending the horror and science fiction genres.

The second game of the series, A dark story set in space One of the unforgettable moments while narrating is the intensity and impressiveness of the bloody scenes.

Manhunt, developed and published by Rockstar Games, is a survival horror game played from a first-person perspective.


The bloody scenes in the game represent not only the action elements of the game but also dark and disturbing It has also been one of the important elements that strengthens the atmosphere.

Inspired by the Hellraiser movies, House of Velez is a horror game shaped around puzzle elements. It offers players an atmospheric horror experience with numerous death scenes.

House of Velez

It has a 2D pixel art style and makes players Set in a mysterious house It invites you to a fearful experience.

God of War III, which tells the story of Kratos’ quest for anger and revenge, is an action and adventure game and has very intense scenes of violence.

Kratos’ Sun God Helios by ripping off your crown The scene where he kills was talked about a lot by the actors.

Quake 4; It tells a military adventure in which players control soldier Matthew Kane as he battles an alien race, the Strogg.

Quake 4

Game; powerful graphics, fast paced game mechanics and it also has disturbing scenes with its various weapons.

The Wolfenstein series is about the adventures of BJ Blazkowicz, a hero fighting the Nazis.

enemies using various weapons Killing exposes players to bloody scenes.

Doom (2016), in which players control a heavily armored soldier and fight against the invasion of a facility on Mars by evil forces, has a bloody atmosphere.


Doom (2016); fast-paced gameplay, intense conflicts, wide weapon options and with its enormous monsters draws attention.

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