US Senators Prepared New Bitcoin Regulation!

In the United States, three Republican legislators presented a new bill to the US Senate.

The bill proposed by Senator Pat Toomey, Tim Scott and Peter Meijer was prepared to expand the usage areas of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. With the bill, it is aimed to allow American citizens to finance their BES pension funds via Bitcoin.

If the bill is approved by the Senate, US citizens will have the opportunity to accumulate Bitcoin in their BES funds. The bill covers not only Bitcoin but other assets and industries as well.

Bitcoin advocate Senator Pat Toomey believes cryptocurrencies are a viable tool to protect people against high inflation:

“With the bill we have prepared, we will allow American citizens to expand their retirement portfolios. If this bill passes, American citizens will experience a higher-income retirement life.”

Tim Scott, another senator who prepared the bill, emphasized the need to increase diversity in private pension investments.

How Possible Is Retirement With Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrencies, which are famous for astronomical rises and falls, are known as the financial assets with the highest volatility. Trading intraday or short-term in the cryptocurrency markets requires expertise. Investing long-term is less stressful.

Nowadays, it does not seem possible for an employee to make a retirement plan through such a dynamic market.

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